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Alice Cooper – Paranormal review

Label:  Earmusic

Release date:  28th July 2017

Genre:  Hard Rock



“Paranormal” track listing:

01. Paranormal
02. Dead Flies
03. Fireball
04. Paranoiac Personality
05. Fallen In Love
06. Dynamite Road
07. Private Public Breakdown
08. Holy Water
09. Rats
10. The Sound Of A

New recordings with original ALICE COOPER band:

11. Genuine American Girl
12. You And All Of Your Friends

Live in Columbus, Ohio, May 6, 2016 with the current ALICE COOPER band:

13. No More Mr. Nice Guy
14. Under My Wheels
15. Billion Dollar Babies
16. Feed My Frankenstein
17. Only Women Bleed
18. School’s Out

Alice Cooper is back after six years since “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” with a brand new studio album “Paranormal”, released on 28th July for Earmusic and produced by Bob Ezrin.

Ten new tracks, a special bonus CD with two new songs written and recorded with the original members of Alice Cooper: Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce. Plus, six live tracks with the new Alice cooper band. “Paranormal” avails itself of special guests as U2’s Larry Mullen Jr., ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Deep Purple’s Roger Glover.

The title track ‘Paranormal’, is a classic Alice  piece, delicate voice starts it, fierce guitars, good rhythms and his vocals that wrap a kind of melancholy note around it all and a look at his past works. Such a great start. This song is co-written with Deep Purple’ Roger Glover.

“Dead Flies”, rock and funky in a fresh way, Alice’s  desire to find something new is always present in each album he makes.

“Fireball” is a vortex of brilliant guitars, psychedelic atmosphere for this song, a Hammond organ and the filtered voice. 

Now, “Paranoiac Personality”, this’s Alice’s mark that I like, decadent, darkest, introverted, musically seventies style and a great bass line that gives just the right touch in a hypnotic kind of way.

Bluesy lines for “Fallen in Love” just rock and roll for this piece, a pretty good track to listen to, very groovy and stylish. Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top plays on the guitar solos.

Wicked rock for “Dynamite Road”, heavy guitars, brilliant rhythms section accompany Alice’s voice in a rise and fall of notes. Great song.

Another look backwards for the interesting “Private Public Breakdown”, melodic song that reminds me of the seventies.

“Holy Water”, blues, rock and fun for this song, great guitars, rhythms and wind instruments.

“Rats”, rock and blues again for this involving track, with so, so much groove in it.

To close the album, the song “The Sound of A”, as for “Paranoiac Personality”, the sound is the one make Alice Cooper unique, dramatic, disturbing (in the positive way), mesmerising. Such a great and intensive song that remind me my other hero, David Bowie. 

 Alice Cooper Band songs

Alice doesn’t stop there and on to the surprises, “Genuine American Girl” sounds like a brilliant future single, easy listening for this song, while “You And All Of Your Friends”  sounds like a garage band song, a little bit more rough but catchy as well. Both are written and recorded with the remaining members of the original Alice Cooper band.

The six live tracks are a part of the large repertoire and obviously the most known songs, from “No More Mr. Nice Guy” to “School’s Out”, recorded in the 2017.

What can I say? As such huge Alice Cooper fan that I am, I’m feeling wonderfully satisfied by this new studio album. Such a great album “Paranormal”.

His Majesty is back in good form, new fresh ideas. He never stops to surprise and after all the years, he still the best theatrical artist ever.

My hat’s off for Alice that move me every time with each his work, and ready to see him live in Milan this autumn.

Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 10/10

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