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The Dead Daisies – Live and Louder in New York City at the Highline Ballroom on 8/17/17!


Live Gig Review and Photos by: Robert Cavuoto



The Dead Daisies are hitting America hard and fast on this US tour that will take them to 12 cities during August.
John Corabi [lead vocals], David Lowy [guitar] Doug Aldrich [guitar], Marco Mendoza [bass] and Brian Tichy [drums] left an inedible impression on New York City last September at Webster Hall and raised the bar high for future concerts. Like there were any doubts, the band surpassed all expectations at The Highline Ballroom tonight. New York City is The Dead Daisies’ town as you can tell by number fans crammed in the intimate venue.

The band opened with “Long Way to Go” and never looked back! It was a fast-paced high-energy set filled with all the songs that fans have come to know from their CDs including the new live CD; Live and Louder. Guitar-driven rockers like “Mexico,” “Mainline,” “Make Some Noise,” “Song and a Prayer, “and “Last Time I Saw the Sun” – all performed flawlessly. It wouldn’t be a Dead Daisies’ concert without the encore of “Midnight Moses,” a cover tune by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. The band also performed a smoking version of Deep Purples’ “Highway Star” before saying goodnight. In all there were six cover tunes performed; “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Who’s “Join Together,” The Beatles; “Helter Skelter” and a new addition “Were an American Band” by Grand Funk Railroad.

John tireless strutted the stage with an air of confidence and working for the crowd like a true ringleader. Decked out in blue jeans, Converse sneakers, flowing purple shirt and black vest he managed to use every inch of the small stage as he drew the audience into the show and their music. He sang song-after-song delivering what fans came for and then some.

Performing like a well-oiled machine each member working in perfect harmony proving they have an undeniable chemistry. Their style of playing not only complemented each other but the song as well. No props, pyro, or stage gimmicks were needed tonight; just five guys rocking out to groove inspired songs with killer riffs and leads.
Mid-set, Doug took center stage and tore things up with a pyrotechnic display of fiery guitar work for his solo while Brian pulverized his drum kit into submission with his bare hands during his solo. David Lowy pounded out the rhythm guitar and Marco played nicely in the pocket of Brian’s playing while hamming it up for the audience and tossing picks into the crowd.

The Dead Daisies show is a must-see event, so whether you’re a casual fan or a diehard you have to check them out on their 2017 Summer Tour, I promise you’ll leave the show grinning from ear to ear!

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