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Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons – Age Of Absurdity review

Genre: Heavy Rock

Label: Nuclear Blast

Release Date: 26 January 2018

Line up:
Phil Campbell | Guitar,
Todd Campbell | Guitar,
Dane Campbell | Drums,
Tyla Campbell | Bass,
Neil Starr | Vocals,

1) Ringleader
2) Freak Show
3) Skin & Bones
4) Gypsy Kiss
5) Welcome to Hell
6) Dark Days
7) Dropping The Needle
8) Step Into The Fire
9) Get On Your Knees
10) High Rule
11) Into The Dark

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, led by the legendary long time ‘Motorhead’ guitarist, have been whipping up a storm since breaking on to the rock scene at the legendary Wacken Festival in Germany, August 2016. Since then, the band have released a self-titled EP, played many headline shows and festivals around Europe and have completed 2 separate tours with SAXON throughout November/December 2016 and GUNS N’ ROSES in June 2017. 

‘Age Of Absurdity’ is the debut album from the guys. Smashing through the sound barrier with all guns blazing  ‘Ringleader’ is speed metal a la ‘Motorhead’ at its finest, speedy and loud yet melodic … nice!!!

Blasting in at number two is the fabulous ‘Freakshow’, with screaming guitar and a great heavy dance beat, making you just want shake your head and your hips in time to the killer riffs ….

The third track, ‘Skin & Bones’…opens with machine gun vocals and drums. And look out there must have been a rock n roll séance going on as it feels like Lemmy has come to join us from that great pinball machine in the sky …..Perfect!

Fast ride, fast ride …wanna go faster????? ‘Gypsy Kiss’ does this and more with a delicious rumbling bass line running through the Jack Daniel soaked arteries of this tune. ‘Welcome To Hell’ ….excellently foreboding in spirit and filling your belly with a mix of dread and excitement …one of my favourites for sure. Would be the
perfect soundtrack to ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ or a spot of gang warfare in ‘Peaky Blinders! ‘Dark Days’ brings a bluesy, drowning your sorrows, harmonica drenched delight of a treat to your ears …well written and perfectly executed … make mine a double neat Bourbon will ya!

Mental demonic drumming from Dane Campbell brings ‘Dropping The Needle’ neatly into an anthem for rock addicts…..and leads nicely into ‘Step Into the Fire’ which has a hint of ‘Stone Temple Pilots’ echoing in its framework. ‘Get On Your Knees’ and ‘High Rule’ are two more excellent tracks and make way for the slow and easy intro of ‘Into the Dark’ which fills out into the perfect tune to end this superb album, with liquid gold vocals from Neil Starr and the beautiful strains of Phil Campbell’s guitar.

With the bonus track of ‘Silver Machine’, a cover of the ‘Hawkwind’ track, complete with guest guitars and vocals of Dave Brock, still ringing in my ears … I have come to this conclusion … ‘Age Of Absurdity’ feels like your favourite tour shirt when you slip it over your skin, it is something you know and love, but with a hint of danger. From beginning to end … this album makes you want to fight your way to the front of a Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons gig and relish in a speed rock fest that has the spirit of ‘Motorhead’ but with a new and exciting twist for the modern age.

Review by Francijn Suermondt

Score: 8 out of 10

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