Bugzy – Center of Attraction and She’s the One Review

I’m pretty sure if Divebomb/Tribunal wanted to release more Bugzy I wouldn’t be opposed to that....

Label: Divebomb/Tribunal

Release Date: Out Now

Genre: Melodic Rock


William “Bugsy” Boyer: Vocals/Guitar
Chris Reynolds: Guitar/Vocals
Franki Gorgo: Keyboards/Vocals
Bob Kimmel: Drums
Jeff Seykot: Bass/Vocals


Center of Attraction:

1. Center Of Attraction 04:35
2. Shannon 03:23
3. Hold On To Me 03:31
4. Lose No Sleep (Over You) 04:49
5. What Do All The People Know 03:52
6. Make A Wish 03:51
7. All In One Night 04:07
8. Big Girl 04:03
9. Donna 03:03
10. Be A Big Man 03:33
11. Little Girl Lost 04:26
12. Father Time 04:20
13. Forget It Girl 04:48
14. Maria 03:31
15. Maybe You Were Right 04:22
16. Out From Under 04:16
17. Hold Me Now 03:38
18. Take Me Away 04:04

She’s the One:

1. Easier Said Than Done 03:39
2. Under The Gun 03:28
3. Shelter From The Cold 04:13
4. Believe In Love 04:15
5. I Think Of You 04:59
6. Summer’s Gonna Come 04:30
7. Fool For A Pretty Face 04:15
8. No Turning Back 04:12
9. Something ‘Bout Love 03:23
10. Open Your Eyes 03:53
11. She’s The One 03:38
12. Monday 03:57
13. Olive 03:30
14. King For A Day 04:22
15. Lucky Day 04:26
16. See Me Run 03:34
17. Baby Come Back 03:40
18. Revolving Door 03:47

While talking to Matt and Shawn at the Divebomb Records table at ProgPower last year, I learned some most exciting news. I’d previously heard the digital promo of this band called Bugzy earlier that year and finally was picking up a physical copy at ProgPower. I was informed then that there was not one, but two Bugzy releases slated for 2018! The first album is easily one of the best albums I heard from a band that I’d never heard of from back in the day. The core members William “Bugsy” Boyer, Franki Gorgo, and Bob Kimmel worked together in 1983 with a band called Pentagon (a cover band that toured Internationally.) In 1985 they decided to strike out and make original music. From then until 1993, they wrote and recorded stuff, notably with Tony Bongiovi at The Power House, working with a number of sessions musicians. Eventually Bugzy were being courted by some major labels to finally unleash their music upon the world… only to, unfortunately, stop working together. The first release, Plan B was such a rousing success, the guys in the band offered up two more albums worth of unreleased material. Both albums, Center of Attraction and She’s the One contain 36 more tracks of excellent music!

Center of Attraction, the first of the two new ones, basically picks up where Plan B left off. With their distinct sound, a fantastic mesh of the same type of style as The Baby’s, Rick Springfield, The Hooters, and Eddie Money, it’s easily identifiable as 80’s style melodic radio rock that really could’ve been so huge. With tracks like “All In One Night,” “Forget It Girl,” “Little Girl Lost,” and Hold On To Me” Bugzy instantly draw you and don’t let up. Boyer’s voice is soulful and powerful, reminiscient of Corey Hart and John Waite, and it drives the songs, though the drive is pretty easy when you consider the caliber of the songwriting. Not to mention the great guitar work of Bugsy and Chris Reynolds adds just the right punch and the keyboards of Gorgo accentuating the songs. Kimball’s drums are right in the pocket and Jeff Seykot’s bass brings it on home. But wait, how about another full CD of songs? She’s the One is my favorite of the pair, barely edging out Center of Attraction. And I mean literally barely. I just connected with the songs a little bit more with tracks like “Easier Said Than Done,” “Fool For A Pretty Face,” “Believe In Love,” and “King For A Day.” They took on a more 90’s era Cheap Trick for this batch of songs, though still honing in on the same style as mentioned previous.

I’m pretty sure if Divebomb/Tribunal wanted to release more Bugzy I wouldn’t be opposed to that. With their trilogy of albums, you can certainly understand why they were getting lots of attention from the major labels. It’s a shame it never panned out for them to sign, whatever the reason. I don’t know if the release of these albums has put the thought of them trying it again and doing some new material or if this was just a nice walk down memory lane for them, finally making these songs available to the public. Either way, I’m thankful that Plan B now has two more albums with Center of Attraction and She’s the One to join it.

Center of Attraction Score:  8 out of 10

She’s the One Score: 9 out of 10

Reviewed  by Chris Martin


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