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YYNOT – Self Title Review

Released by: Self

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Rocky Kuner: Vocals 
Billy Alexander: Guitar 
Tim Starace: Bass 
Chris Moore: Drums 



 01. Hourglass

02. Invisible Heart

03. Etheria

04. To Come Back Home

05. Kingdom Come

06. The Curtain Falls

07. Another Trip Around the Sun

08. Run on Love

09. Yynot


This band and album are musts for any fan of Rush. The band started in a very unique way. Bassist, Tim Starace, and guitarist, Billy Alexander happened to bump into each other on online. Alexander saw videos of Starace playing spot on perfect Rush covers, and contacted him about an online collaboration for Rush covers. They connected, added singer, Rocky Kuner and a drummer, and began making covers together and posting them. Soon, Rush fans worldwide began gobbling up everything the band put out. Along with new drummer, Joel Stevenett, they then began writing originals, which the fans also loved. Whenever the band plays a concert, people come from all over the planet to see them. Their debut album is self-recorded, produced, and distributed. And, it was done via email because the band members all live in different parts of the country.

The album is a collection of Rush influenced originals that range style wise from classic 2112 to the later Rush sounds. The song *Kingdom Come* for example, could have easily come from 2112. It has a musical intro that when you hear it, you’ll wonder which Rush song you missed over the years. While straight-up progressive rock, some of the songs have a commercial hook to them that could even attract the top 40 listeners.* Run on Love*, *The Curtain Falls*, and *To Come Back Home* could all be radio hits. *’Etheria, Another Trip Around The Sun, Hourglass, *and *Invisible Heart *are all prog rock masterpieces. It’s 9 songs that will make you forget that Rush has stopped making albums and touring.

Everything is perfect from the guitar sounds to the ethereal sound effects. The musicianship is top shelf, and while the vocals fit the Geddy Lee mold, Rocky has her own beautiful style. YYNOT could easily be the next big progressive rock band. They certainly fill the void that Rush left when they retired. Its just a matter of time before the members of Rush endorse
this band, and they have already been contacted by several record labels. It’s simple. Love Rush? You’ll love YYNOT. This album belongs in your CD rack right next to all your Rush albums.


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Written by: Bill Selby

Rating: 10/10


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