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Divine Ascension – The Uncovering Review

Released by: Black Lodge 

Release date: 16 November 2018

Genre: Progressive Metal

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Jennifer Borg – Vocals
Karl Szulik – Guitars
Jason Meracis – Bass
Luke Wenczel – Drums

Track Listing:

01. Evermore
02. Prisoner
03. The Fallen
04. Pursuit of Desire
05. New World
06. Revolution Phase
07. Beyond the Line
08. One Step from Here
09. Bittersweet Divide
10. Vultures

There is nothing I love more than stumbling across a band whose music so enraptures me I can’t stop thinking about it. As I listen to album after album looking for that one I want to write about (so maybe it’s a few more than one,) I hear so many bands that stay within certain confines of genre and style, never veering much into new territory. Of course, when dealing with Progressive music, you find bands that take more risk in stepping outside the comfort zone. One band that I just found, hailing from Australia, is called Divine Ascension, and having just discovered their third album, The Uncovering, I have found a band that has found the ability to create a sound seemingly all their own, yet within a stylized subgenre that fits certain key points of said subgenre.

When The Uncovering started I was immediately taken in at the very modern Prog Metal sound they had yet how it also put me in mind of the darker sound of a band like Evergrey. When I heard Tom’s voice on the track “Pursuit of Desire,” I can’t say I was too surprised, however Divine Ascension have something that Evergrey does not: Jennifer Borg on vocals. One moment she is delivering soulful vocal lines and the next making melodic vocal inflections that reminded me of Freddie Mercury. Her tone and control is nothing short of brilliant, and hearing such a strong voice in the context of this very driven, very dark, and almost abrasive sonic approach (the staccato guitar riffs) makes for such an alluring and enticing mood. When you add the stunning guitar work of Karl Szulik to this voice it is sheer perfection. Bass and drums are deftly supplied in full force by the excellent talents of Jason Meracis and Luke Wenczel respectively, and you not only have a formidable line-up of talented musicians, you also have skilled writers that are also capable of creating songs like “The Fallen,” “Bittersweet Divide,” “The Prisoner,” and “Beyond the Line” that are deeply progressive, yet fully memorable and catchy, something music as progressive as this usually has issues providing.

As I have stated with a few other bands in the past that have a history already, I can’t believe I somehow missed out on Divine Ascension. Perhaps the fact they’re from the land down under… maybe that’s why. Another favorite Australian band, Voyager, entered my life merely by happenstance. I’m just thankful they have arrived to entertain my ears and my soul. This is an amazing album that demands your attention from the first note to the very last.

Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10

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