Bloodstock Open Air 2019: Must See Bands

While there are no-brainers like Sabaton, Anthrax, and the Scorpions, there are so many bands on offer that it’s possible to miss out on something special. So with no...

It’s that time of year again, as we prepare for Festival Season to kick off. Of all the various festivals going, if you’re a metalhead, then Bloodstock Open Air should be at the top of your list for your summer music destinations. Every year tens of thousands of the faithful make the pilgrimage to the annual event to enjoy some of the best that the genre has to offer. This year will be no different, and we have put together a guide of bands that the writers here at My Global Mind feel are a must over the course of the four-day metal music menagerie.

While there are no-brainers like Sabaton, Anthrax, and the Scorpions, there are so many bands on offer that it’s possible to miss out on something special. So with no further ado, here are our bands to see for Bloodstock 2019.

Thursday 08.08.19

Sophie Lancaster Stage

Blind River – Formed at the start of 2017, Blind River are a 5-piece, heavy rock band, created to bring classic, pure, riff-driven song writing to the fore. Check out their self-titled album, released in May last year.

Ten Ton Slug – TTS are the penultimate act playing the opening night of the festivities on the Sophie Lancaster Stage. Check out ‘Matriarch of Slime’ from their Blood and Slime E.P.

Also make sure you raise a glass with any of the Greek folks over to see headliners Rotting Christ.

Friday 09.08.19

Ronnie James Dio Stage

Powerwolf – In the year 2019, you can truly expect great things from POWERWOLF. The absolute high priests of metal have repeatedly managed to outdo themselves in their career and delight their fans all over the globe! Check out their latest release The Sacrament of Sin.  

Sophie Lancaster Stage

BongCauldron – This Sludge/Doom trio should definitely be on your list. Hailing from Leeds, England think Down meets Motörhead and you get the picture. Their debut album Binge came out in 2017 so check out the track ‘68’ from the album and you’ll be front and centre for their show in August.

Grand Magus – If Powermetal on the main stage isn’t your thing then these Swedes, with their mix of Blues, Hard Rock and Metal, might be a preferred option headlining the second stage. They’ve got new material to perform in recent release Wolf God so it should be a good show.

Saturday 10.08.19

Ronnie James Dio Stage

Cancer Bats – Going by the current running order on the Bloodstock page an early, but wholly necessary, start will be required on the Saturday to catch Cancer Bats on the main stage. The punk quartet have released the new single ‘Through & Through & Through’ this year and are definitely a live show you need to see.

Evil Scarecrow – Evil Scarecrow are the finest heavy metal band ever to write a song about a robot… probably. 2018 saw the release of the much anticipated 4th full length album from Evil Scarecrow, titled Chapter IV: Antartarctica. Expect plenty of shenanigans on-stage and off-stage!

Sophie Lancaster Stage

Dust Bolt – Surprisingly, these German thrash metallers have been on the go for nearly a decade yet are still only in their mid-twenties. They have recently released their fourth album Trapped in Chaos and if you haven’t heard them before check out the track ‘Dead Inside’.

SH>PES – SHVPES are fast becoming one of the most hotly talked-about young metal acts in the UK. Hailing from Birmingham, the five-piece have witnessed the rise and rise of the SHVPES name since the release of the debut EP, The Prosecutor.

Sunday 11.08.19

Ronnie James Dio Stage

Aborted – The Belgian Death Metal legends are always a guaranteed cracking show. Another possible early slot, their recent opus Terrorvision will definitely blow the cobwebs away from an early Sunday start.

Dee Snider – While perhaps best known as the lead singer of 80’s sensation, Twisted Sister, there is so much more to Dee Snider. Dee’s influence on the genre cannot be ignored, nor can his contribution to ensuring the music industry wasn’t heavily censured by government. His latest album For The Love OF Metal is a true return to form, that encapsulates the contemporary metal sound of the day. Check it out, it is an intensely good album!

Queensrÿche – We can’t pass up the chance to mention the band who has provided our sites name. The purveyors of prog metal with thirty-million albums sold and nearly four decades of material to choose from this should be a highlight of the festival.

SOILWORK – Founded in 1996, the Melodic-Death-Metal band ‘Inferior Breed’ changed its name two years later for ‘Soilwork’. With their first two albums were they already crowned with success, creating something very special in the scene, adding clear vocal melodies and unique piano parts into their music! Right now SOILWORK is working hard to complete the recording of their coming, yet untitled album. No doubt you’ll get to hear a few of the new songs performed live!

Sophie Lancaster Stage

Eluveite Their original mix of folk and melodic death metal, which is enhanced by the use of various traditional instruments, hit the scene from the very beginning high waves. Check out their latest album, Evocation II, which is devoted to Celtic mythology, paying homage to the Celtic deities – after whom the songs are named.

Witchtripper – Describing themselves as Stoner Groove & Roll, Witchtripper will get your foot tapping or your head banging depending on your energy levels on the Sunday. They released the album I, Of The Storm in 2018 with the track ‘Hell Bound’ giving you a good idea of what to expect.

BLOODSTOCK will take place at Catton Park, Derbyshire on 8th-11th August 2019. 

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Written by Adrian Hextall, Brendan O’Mahony and Erik De’Viking

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Photo Credit: Ange Cobham / Cobspix Photography

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