Paul Gilbert – ‘Behold Electric Guitar’ – Review

The feeling of freedom to play non-stop and without any limitations seems to be the main rule of “Behold Electric Guitar”. In order to enter the philosophy of this...

Released by: Mascot Label Group/Music Theories Recordings

Release Date: May 17th, 2019

Genre: Rock


  1. Havin’ It
  2. I Own A Building
  3. Everywhere That Mary Went
  4. Love Is The Saddest Thing
  5. Sir You Need To Calm Down
  6. Let That Battery Die
  7. Blues For Rabbit
  8. Every Snare Drum
  9. A Snake Just Bit My Toe
  10. I Love My Lawnmower
  11. A Herd Of Turtles
  12. Things Can Walk To You


  • Paul Gilbert – Guitars
  • Roland Guerin – Bass
  • Asher Fulero – Keyboards
  • Brian Foxworth – Drums
  • Bill Ray – Drums
  • Reinhard Melz – Drums

Paul Gilbert is mostly known for the bands that he has been playing with during his thirty years of music career (Mr BIg, Racer X) but reality is a bit different. Paul, one of the most charismatic guitarists that have ever existed on this planet, has released many solo albums in the past. “Behold Electric Guitar” is another sample of technical mastery with a big sense of humour as evidenced by the titles of the songs. He offered to the listeners an album in which he put all his love for music. The musician, who was brought up on blues and rock, can now include in his personal record the elements and genres of music that he could not play in a band. In fact, the new material contains a lot of blues rock and even some jazz.

This variety of sounds affects the whole album, because all songs don’t sound the same. The most incredible thing about this outstanding guitarist is his songwriting process. In fact, Paul starts composing by writing the lyrics, even if we have to deal with an instrumental album. So, in this case, lyrics have been replaced with guitar. This means that he uses the guitar to play the vocal parts. This is not the normal guitar playing that supports the vocals. If the lyrics of a song are removed and replaced with nothing, then there is the sensation that something is missing. So, the guitar provides the melodies that would have normally been delivered by the vocals. In the end of this process, there is the feeling that we have to deal with a complete song.

The most curious part of this new record has to do with the titles of the tracks. Unfortunately, there is no way to find out where has the inspiration come from for song titles like “I Love My Lawnmower”, “A Snake Just Bit My Toe” or “Let The Battery Die” since there is no access to the lyrics. Some vocal parts are included at the tune “A Herd Of Turtles”. The first single “ Havin’ It” shows that the artist has definitely escaped from his standard poppy songs’ structure.

The feeling of freedom to play non-stop and without any limitations prevails in this song and it also seems to be the main rule of “Behold Electric Guitar”. This liberty feeling could have been the main source of inspiration for the songwriting process, giving birth to tunes entitled “I Own A Building” or “Sir You Need To Calm Down”. In order to enter the philosophy of this record, the listener should let their own mind fly without limits, listen to the music and let be blown away by the immense skills of Paul Gilbert. At this point, nothing sounds so bizarre anymore, only the music speaks to the mind and in the end the song titles are not important. No lyrics are needed, Paul’s guitar plays the role of the singing part in the most perfect way. “Behold Electric Guitar” is a simple title but it’s the ideal representation of what this record is about. Highly recommended.

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Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer

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