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Riot V – Live In Japan 2018 Review

Released by AFM Records

Release Date: August 2nd, 2019

Genre: Power Metal, Heavy Metal


Line Up:

Todd Michael Hall – Vocals

Mike Flyntz – Guitars

Don Van Stavern – Bass

Nick Lee – Guitars

Frank Gilchriest – Drums



1. Armor Of Light

2. Ride Hard Live Free

3. On Your Knees

4. Metal Soldiers

5. Fall From The Sky

6. Wings Are For Angels

7. Land Of The Rising Sun

8. Take Me Back

9. Messiah

10. Angel Eyes

11. Metal Warrior

12. Thundersteel

13. Fight Or Fall

14. Sign Of The Crimson Storm

15. Flight Of The Warrior

16. On Wings Of Eagles

17. Johnny’s Back

18. Bloodstreets

19. Run For Your Life

20. Buried Alive

21. Road Racin’

22. Swords & Tequila

23. Warrior


It’s been over forty years since Riot was formed by the belated Mark Reale and even though they have adopted a hard rock sound at their first three albums, it was their change of style that had given them their biggest commercial success. After three studio album releases, the project was abandoned due to trouble with management in 1984.

The American band is mostly known for the power metal anthems that have released in the late eighties when Mark Reale and Don Van Stavern have decided to resuscitate Riot back in 1986. Riot has been through many adventures and after their founder’s passing in 2012 they are still present in the 21st century. The five musicians that still keep the legacy of Riot alive have released two studio albums under the moniker “Riot V” and they have recently toured the world and brought their history back to light.

The group had always had a particular bond with Japan and since they have been there recently in occasion of their latest tour, they have recorded this live performance at Club Citta due to release via AFM Records. Riot V has performed their masterpiece “Thundersteel” in its entirety and many of their hits of the past and the present days. Frontman Todd Michael Hall shows his enormous abilities by singing old and new material with his exceptional vocal range and the freshness of his voice. The guitar duet composed by Mike Flyntz and Nick Lee is proof of the constant will of these musicians to go on with what they know best. Moreover, Don Van Stavern and Frank Gilchriest in the rhythm section manage to keep an exceptional level of coordination.

The songs that have been written more than thirty years ago still sound fresh and contemporary, due to the high level of the performance of the band and “Thundersteel” is an album that has never lost its power and glory since the day of its release back in the eighties. The audience still reacts with great enthusiasm to the classic Riot material and this shows that the band can still stand in the music business after more than four decades of history. Riot V has been a great inspiration for many emergent groups in the history of heavy metal and they also prove that they are still active and willing to do much more in the future.

This excellent live concert that has been recorded in the country that has contributed to Riot’s success from the very beginning could be a great collector’s piece and also a way for the younger generations to get introduced to the discography of one of the longest living American heavy metal bands.


Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer

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