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Evil Scarecrow Interview – Dr. Rabid Hell (guitars/vocals) and Brother Pain (guitars), Bloodstock Open Air 2019


Video Production: Alan Daly and Olga Kuzmenko

Feature Image Pic: © Olga Kuzmenko Photography



Evil Scarecrow played at Bloodstock for their 6th time this year

Evil Scarecrow are the finest heavy metal band ever to write a song about a robot… probably.

Many years ago in a desolate Lincolnshire town, a band of dubiously termed musicians of Nordic heraldry with a fondness for sticky back plastic decided to go their separate ways, but as a phoenix rises from the ashes a new and perhaps even more glorious band emerged from the dying embers of Thor’s Children (widely regarded as the greatest Blue Peter Metal band of all time) and thus Evil Scarecrow triumphantly exploded into existence.

In the following years the band relocated to Nottingham and evolved through several line-up changes to become the monstrous and stunning apparition that you see today. The band have earnt accolades across the Rock and Metal Press, steadily becoming one of the UK’s stand out Heavy Metal acts in the last few years.

“… as you’re headbanging to this majestic metal madness, be aware that you might be doing so in the presence of a band who could one day help British metal take over the world again!”

“Evil Scarecrow… find themselves on the brink of being a genuinely significant concern on the British scene …”
Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer

Evil Scarecrow’s live show has been captivating and sometimes rather surprising audiences for many years, it has grown with that band from venues as small as the local pub to holding its own on the main stage at Bloodstock Festival, but not without venturing everywhere in between, even as far as a boat sailing down the Thames on the way to the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. The band are now spreading their collective wings, being well received at Wacken, Summer Breeze and the HRH Road Trip on mainland Europe. Everywhere they play they win new fans. Their passion and enthusiasm ensures they always connect with their audience, who in turn spread the word far and wide.

“We had the most people in the history of Bloodstock get up early especially to see Evil Scarecrow play! If that isn’t testimonial to how incredible this band is, I don’t know what is! Stunning live band …”
Vicky Hungerford, Bloodstock Open Air“’Scream for me Download!’ asks ingeniously monikered Evil Scarecrow (KKKKK) frontman Dr. Rabid Hell. The prop-heavy, self-declared ‘Blue Peter-Metallers’ veer between ‘zero-gravity’ moon-moshing’ and inexplicably getting the overspilling tent to chant ‘eggs’. World domination is only some sticky-backed plastic away”
Kerrang!2018 saw the release of the much anticipated 4th full length album from Evil Scarecrow, titled “Chapter IV: Antartarctica”. Naturally the band hit the road as soon as the album broke and expect to continue touring the “Lost in Antartarctica” show throughout 2019.

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