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Tungsten – We Will Rise Review

Released by Arising Empire

Release Date: September 20th, 2019

Genre: Power Metal, Heavy Metal


Line Up:

Mike Andersson – Vocals

Nick Johansson – Guitars

Karl Johansson – Bass, Keyboards

Anders Johansson – Drums



1. We Will Rise

2. Misied

3. The Fairies Dance

4. Come Home

5. It Ain’t Over

6. As I Am Falling

7. Sweet Vendetta

8. Animals

9. Remember

10. To The Bottom

11. Impolite

12. Wish Upon A Star


Tungsten is a Swedish band formed three years ago by ex Hammerfall and Yngwie Malmsteen Rising Force drummer Anders Johansson and his two sons with the vocalist Mike Andersson. “We Will Rise” is the debut album of the band, which combines Power Metal with an old Nordic sound. Their songwriting is based on engaging melodies with a catchy chorus, a mixture of classic old school and modern metal with some folk elements. There are moments of epic sound alternated with some more sweet and melancholic ones.

The opening title track, a classic energy melody gives a good start off at the album, but there are some different patterns in songs like “The Fairies Dance” where the influence of Rammstein’s arrangements is very evident, because of the electric riffs and drum beats. Another highlight of the album could be “It Ain’t Over” where the progressive sound gives more variety to the record. Moreover, there is “Impolite”, an engagement of Queen and Marylin Manson elements.

As the listening goes on, some other tracks like “Animals” have a memorable effect, while the best moment could be “To The Bottom”. In this tune, all the elements previously nominated are combined all together but in a more theatrical atmosphere and an adventurous vibe. It’s the most dynamic track of the record, which also contains some less original songs at the end of the tracklist.

Mike Andersson shows great ability in adapting to the demands of the various music styles with his particular vocal range. Overall, “We Will Rise” is a very good debut album of a band with an interpretation of music by two different generations. There is also a very good production and it seems that this family project has all the positive elements to go on further in time.


Ratings: 7/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer






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