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ERJA LYYTINEN – Another World review

Genre:  ROCK


Release date: Out Now


Line up:

Erja Lyytinen. – Vocals, guitars.

Kasperi Kallio. – Keyboard, Hammond.

Tatu Back. – Bass.

Liro Laitenen. – Drums.



  1. Snake in the Grass
  2. Cherry Overdrive
  3. Another World
  4. Hard as Stone
  5. Wedding Day
  6. Miracle
  7. Torn
  8. Break my Heart Gently


Finnish guitarist Erja Lyytinen is an artist who’s music was previously unknown to me but who made an instant impression – that being said, its regrettable that the review of this fantastic, self produced album is running several months late, being released back in April 2019.

Erja kick starts this release with “Snake in the Grass” and immediately my interest is piqued and while this track has a bit of a funk/jazz edge to it which is not to my particular taste and is quite ’80’s’ in style, the musical talent is undeniable and she has a fantastic blues guitar style coupled with strong vocals.

Up next “Cherry Overdrive” is a captivating, complex, arrangement full of tempo changes and featuring amazing guitar riffs and strong, thought provoking lyrics, it is a definite album highlight for me.

“Wedding Day” is a fantastic, fast paced catchy tune in a traditional blues style which I absolutely loved and its evident that Erja does not shy away from experimentation and change of direction as really no two songs on this album are readily comparable.

Finishing track “Break my Heart Gently” is another huge change in direction in terms of style, being more of a typical singer-songwriter/folk track, it is a stunning, emotive song which is musically, lyrically and vocally superb.

Erja, who won the European Blues Award for ‘Best Guitarist’ is, in my opinion a very difficult artist to genre and while her origins may be firmly rooted in the blues its clear from this release that she wont be defined that way and is branching out in different directions – and she pulls it off monumentally.

The legendary Sonny Landreth and Jennifer Batten guest star on this musically diverse melting pot of an album which offers a little something for every taste.


SCORE: 9/10

REVIEWED BY: Karen Hetherington





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