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DeVience – Dangers of Double Dealing & Exclusive London Show

deVience, after a hiatus (due to, well we all know what ) have embarked on their most daring musical outing to date. Along with their new guitarist (Sawyer), deVience have created a signature new sound that they know the deVience faithful will be stoked with. They truly believe it is their best work to date. The new single ‘Dangers Of Double Dealing’ which has already hit the Top 40 on the iTunes singles chart is daring but oh so satisfying.


When all seems well. When you are graced with smiles, love, praise and celebrated as a friend it couldn’t be further from the truth. That strong foundation you believed in, your so-called accomplices are found to be thrusting the knife in your back, and not only that they twist, turn and actions spiral out of control until they can’t find a way back through the sloppy web of deceit they have weaved.


A dangerous game to play is double dealing, your poker face can only stay on so long till you get found out or slip to your demise.
With that rather ominous explanation, what do we think of the track then ?



Out of the gates a solid riff gets the ball rolling before Myles Kennedy’s distinctive vocals layer over the music like the finest red wine jus over the juiciest of steaks. But then…. wait… this isn’t the latest arena filling tune from Alter Bridge but the new single from deVience which leads me to the first conclusion about the tune and that is that Myles needs to be looking over his shoulder. This is the perfect example of a British rock band delivering a tune that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the big boys from the States. Lead singer and one of THE most versatile singers we have to offer at the moment Giovanni Spano reaches the sort of heights that would leave us gasping for oxygen with his stunning vocal work.



The introduction of Sawyer Riggs on guitar (whilst he’s played with them live before, it’s great to hear him on some studio work as well) adds a real gritty feel to the song. Playing opposite mainstay Donnie Roulstone, the sound the pair create feels like they were always destined to perform together. We can only hope this is the first of (roughly) 10-12 songs to be recorded that will ultimately develop into an album.


Output from the band may be rare (for many reasons over the last couple of years) but this track suggests there is fire in the belly to make this work and hopefully more music, more shows and the level of recognition that the lads deserve is forthcoming.


You can get the music from here:
deVience are: 
Giovanni Spano – Lead Vocals ,
Sawyer Riggs – Guitar ,
Donnie Roulstone – Guitar ,
Ben Porter – Bass,
Olli Carter – Drums ,


The band play a one off show in London on October 23rd @ The Hope & Anchor. Details below:



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