Interview with Phil Campbell (Vocals) (The Temperance Movement)

We got this massive break in front of these pure rock guys, the old guard so to speak like Brian May. We came on, blasted a couple of tunes and were loved for it. Then we were played on Planet Rock radio and the views of our videos went up massively. We tried to capitalize, as we had some video presentations of us doing”Only Friend”. It went to over a 100,000 views after that. That to me was the lucky break for us, it felt amazing because we came onto the same stage that Led Zeppelin had played. First thing that I did when I went home is watch Led Zeppelin live at the Albert Hall”.

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Interview with John Waite (Vocals) (Bad English, John Waite)

John Waite: Live: All Access is About Being True and Real!

Live: All Access is the new live album from John Waite featuring live recordings of songs from the Rough & Tumble, Ignition, and No Brakes. Released in June, it has John’s trademark vocals which are crystal clear and every bit as powerful as the original studio recordings. The No Brakes band consists of Keri Kelli on guitars, Tim Hogan on bass, and Rhondo on drums.

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