Ivory Gates – The Devil’s Dance Review

. The musicianship alone of Ivory Gates is simply brilliant, but when they also play instant metal classics like “Beyond The Black,” “Serpent’s Kiss,” “Imaginary World,” and “Suite Memory” you just can’t go wrong. Especially the incredible “Suite Memory,” a 20 plus minute spectacle

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George Lynch – Legacy EP Review

Is nice to hear new material from Mr Scary as he still proves he got what it takes to play the fret, but we all knew this already. Bring on the new material and hope this time around they keep the momentum going strong from the last Lynch Mob. The new Mob will include Oni Logan, Mick Brown, and Jeff Pilson and it will be called “I Am Weapon”.

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Hartmann – Balance Review

The last notable cut comes via the cover of the famous Tears for Fears song “Shout” which all the band members breath new light into the song and does it justice, hard to consider with all the remakes that have come out through the years of this classic tune and that list includes At Vance…..see below.

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