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Firenote – Firenote

Released by SoundPollution -2009

Review Added February 19, 2010

Released: September 25, 2009
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Running Time: 42:39

1. Firenote
2. Danger**
3. Sara La Fountain
4. Speed Freak**
5. My Love Will Never Die**
6. Don’t Ever Fall In Love
7. Love Me Or Let Me Live**
8. Mayday
9. Suddenly
11.She Stole My Speedos
Hot Tracks**

Ricky – Vocals
Isko – Guitars
Gene – Bass
Mike – Drums
Hammond – Keyboards

A flame has been lit in the cold corners of Finland by newcomer Firenote!!!. Blasting into the scene with a hungry approach and vivacious hooks and melodies that will make other fans of the genre over zealous. Not traditionally known for mainstream Melodic Hard Rock is this lovely country, which is why often times the best music can be found in spots where the music of choice is significantly different. We know Symphonic sensations like Brother Firetribe, Leverage, Nightwish, etc. The self title record has the Finnish mates lending a mixing hand from Brother Firetribe member (Torsti Spoof) and produced by Erkka Korhonen over at IVK studios. Some fans will make a point that there is a constant breed of these melodic hard rock/metal bands from Swedish, Switzerland, and now Finland, what sets them apart you ask? Well for Firenote is something that they attempted to inscribe in their self title debut, and I can think they pulled it off with originality and style.

The opener title track “Firenote” opens the album in true Swedish Hard Rock style, with a nice leading riff borrowing a a little formula from Angus Young and those iconic Australians we all know. “Danger” hints at you right away with a cool keyboard introduction, front man Ricky’s vocals sound like a mix of Tobias Sammet with a hard rock twist, you can notice a little of the Brother Firetribe influence on this track, which adds an extra spunk and vibe to the overall feel. The same track was one of the one’s chosen by the biggest radio station in Finland (Radio Rock) to represent Firenote as one of their first 2 singles, despite the fact that melodic rock is not really that mainstream in Finland. The speedy heart racing tempo of “Speed Freak” raises the temperature while retaining the same melodic hooks making you bang your head. Proving that Finland can produce classic power ballad or two is the tasty “My Love Will Never Die”, not just another ordinary power ballad, evoking some powerful lyrics as this rock anthem marks another highlight of note. The throwback style in “Love Me or Let Me live” exercises a true homage to the greats 80’s glam hard rock with a new modern style, hell even the Deep Purple-ish keys at the intro adds a nice layer to the music. Finally the pompous colors of “Heartbreaker” closes the album with a life stream of passion and melody.

Firmly planting their way onto the breakthrough hotel of Melodic Hard Rock is Firenote, with a pretty rocking example of what a genre not necessarily huge in a certain country (Finland), can deliver when good music is mixed with talented musicians. I always find it fascinating to hear where the genre can reach from it’s roots to now, and perhaps Firenote is one of those examples as well as Brother Firetribe. All aspects work well together here, the great guitar licks, Ricky’s solid voice, not just another Melodic Hard Rock record, Firenote plants their own style and even with the speedy anthems, they add a nice touch of softer ballads to balance the record quite well. Any fans of Melodic Hard Rock should pick this one up, all the catchy addictive hooks are here with a nice blend of Finnish metal and traditional licks. Support the band and buy the record!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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