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Heathen – The Evolution of Chaos

Released by Mascot Records – 2010

Review Added February 05, 2010

Released By: Mascot Records Jul 20th 2010
Run Time: 01:08:35
Style: Thrash Metal

1. Intro
2. Dying Season
3. Control By Chaos**
4. No Stone Unturned
5. Arrows Of Agony**
6. Fade Away
7. A Hero’s Welcome
8. Undone**
9. Bloodkult
10. Red Tears Of Disgrace
11. Silent Nothingness
Hot Tracks**

Vocals – Dave White
Guitar – Lee Atlus
Guitar – Kragen Lum
Drums – Darren Minter
Bass- Jon Torres

THE EVOLUTION OF CHAOS is a very hard album for me to write about. On one hand it feels good to have a new bay area thrash album in 2010 that sounds this good. But on the other hand, the uncanny resemblance to METALLICA makes it feel like a cash-in job more than anything.

Yes HEATHEN have been compared to the mighty ‘tallica many times in the past, but never before have they sounded as much alike as now. From the one and a half minute intro that borrows the vibe and style of WHEREVER I MAY ROAM, to NO STONE UNTURNED which imitates DON’T TREAD ON ME and a handful of other references I noticed whilst listening through but can’t quite remember where they were, including a lead break that was so similar to ONE that it was creepy. It’s not ALL just METALLICA though, as throughout the album there is a few melodic moments and some brief but welcome IRON MADIEN style passages that really freshen things up.

CONTROL BY CHAOS, ARROWS OF AGONY and the MEGADETH-esque UNDONE are all very competent modern day thrash anthems, but there is a couple of real duds on this disc too, A HEROES WELCOME is an ambitious soldier tribute song but really doesn’t sit well on the album at all. And at eleven minutes long, NO STONE UNTURNED actually sounds like three different songs taped to end of one another and the lack of cohesion makes it feel amateur at best.

I know that the die hard thrash metal fans will eat this up and probably call it album of the year, but the truth is, it’s a good 2010 thrash album but it’s far from great. I’m also pretty sure that any guitarists out there are going to irked off with the raw sound that most of the guitar parts have been produced with.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  7/10

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