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Sinbreed -When Worlds Collide

Released by Ulterium Records/Nightmare Records – 2010

Review Added February 05, 2010

Released By:
Ulterium Records March 26th 2010 [EUR]
Nightmare Records April 6th 2010 [USA]
Run Time: 43:15
Style: Power Metal

1. New Born Tomorrow**
2. Book Of Life**
3. When Worlds Collide
4. Dust To Dust**
5. Infinity’s Call
6. Through The Dark
7. Enemy Lines**
8. Room 101
9. Arise
10. Salvation
Hot Tracks**

Vocals – Herbie Langans [Seventh Avenue]
Guitars/ Keys – Flo Laurin
Drums – Frederik Ehmke [Blind Guardian]
Bass – Alexander Schulz
Additional Musicians:
Morten Sandager [Pretty Maids] – Keyboards
Joost Van Den Broek [Ayreon, Star One] – Keyboards
Oliver Lohmann, Andreas Ianchu – Guitars
Thomas Rettke

German power metal act SINBREED first came to be in 2000 under the moniker of NEOSHINE when guitarist FLO LAURIN began recording some stuff he was working on. Over the course of the next few years more members were added, a couple of demos were recorded and then in 2009 the band changed its name and began working on what will be their debut album WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE.

The style of the album is straightforward European power metal which is no surprise being that the band features members from SEVENTH AVENUE and BLING GUARDIAN. Vocalist Herbie Langhans has the perfect pipes for this material and his tone reminds me a lot of HAMMERFALL singer JOACIM CANS. HAMMERFALL is probably the best band to use as a comparison, but the band also imbue thoughts of RUNNING WILD, EDGUY and even some ACCEPT. Guitarist FLO LAURIN is one of the better guitarists of the current generation of power metallers, shown especially by his ability to control the fireworks every now and then instead focusing on more colorful lead breaks that have some more substance to them that some of the fretboard destroying shred solos usually associated with the genre. That doesn’t at all mean there’s no speedy solos though, as when LAURIN gets going he is as good as anyone else i’ve heard in the shred stakes.

The album has plenty of highlights and most songs do enough to please even the fussiest power metal listener. NEWBORN TOMORROW, BOOK OF LIFE and DUST TO DUST will have your fists pumping and are probably reason enough to have this album in your collection. The stand-out track for me though was ENEMY LINES, which whilst still totally power metal, mixes in some slight elements of melodic metal to great effect. I can see this easily becoming my favorite power metal song of the year unless something pretty spectacular comes along in the next few months. I must also make special mention of album closer SALVATION that features an absolutely perfect power metal chorus.

With upcoming releases from the likes of EXCALLION, FREEDOM CALL, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, KAMELOT and many more, power metal fans have a bevy of options and may have to be selective of what they purchase. All I can say is that WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE comes very highly recommended and I suggest you seek this one out as it is sure to be one of the better albums of 2010.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  9/10

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