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Blindstone – Rise Above

Released by Grooveyard Records- 2010

Review Added April 28, 2010

Running Time: 42:19
Style: Blues Rock

1. Rise Above
2. Power Man
3. Keep The Rock Alive
4. Climbing Up The Ladder
5. New Direction
6. Horizontal Activity
7. Sonic Motor King
8. Wiser
9. House Burning Down
10. Beyond The Purple Sky
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Vocals & Guitars – Martin J. Anderson
Drums – Anders Hvidtfeldt
Bass – Jesper Bunk

Since their inception in 2002 BLINDSTONE have been holding up the flag for 70’s inspired blues-rock power trios everywhere. The band’s third full length release RISE ABOVE follows the trend set by the albums before it and supplies the listener with some of the finest groovy blues rock they are likely to hear anywhere.

The band is centered around guitarist and vocalist MARTIN J. ANDERSON, who over the past few years has become well regarded in guitarist circles and fans of people like JIMI HENDRIX. Anderson has truly become a master of his instrument not just in playability terms, but also as a world class song writer and astounding live performer. For me personally, I’m not a massive fan of his voice even though it does seem to suit the material. But, even considering all of the accolades ANDERSON has received, BLINDSTONE is by no means a one man band. Quite the opposite really as the rhythm section of JESPER BUNK and ANDERS HVIDTFELDT are perfectly tight and gusty with enough oomph to make the band sound much larger than a three piece.

Of the ten songs on offer, seven are original compositions and three are cover songs. The cover songs are HOUSE BURNING DOWN by Jimi Hendrix, CLIMBING UP THE LADDER by the Isley brothers and HE’S CALLING by Frank Marino. The Hendrix track is the best of the three and fans of the man should be well pleased with this version. The album highlight comes right at the end in the track BEYOND THE PURPLE SKY which is clearly inspired by Hendrix, and features the best lead guitar work of the album and will more than likely be the song people recall when talking about this album. Opening track RISE ABOVE is another awesome display of hard rock groove and reminds me of an obscure Aussie band from the nineties called THE TRUTH. RISE ABOVE is another fine effort from BLINDSTONE and comes to you highly recommended.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  8/10

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