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Inner Wish – No Turning Back

Released by Ulterium Records – 2010

Review Added May 13, 2010

Released By: Ulterium Records on May 28, 2010
Running Time: 54:40
Style: Melodic Power Metal
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1. The Signs Of Our Lives**
2. Chosen One
3. Burning Desires
4. No Turning Back**
5. Sirens**
6. Save Us
7. Last Breath
8. Lawmaker
9. Welcome To My World
10. Kingdom Of Our Prime
11. Full Of Lust
12. Live For My Own
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Vocals – Babis Alexandropoulos
Guitar – Thimios Krikos
Guitar – Manolis Tsigos
Drums – Terry Moros
Bass – Antonis Mazarakis
Keyboards – George Geogiou

Athens based melodic power metallers INNERWISH have recently signed with Ulterium Records to release their fourth full-length album NO TURING BACK on the 28th of May. We were lucky enough to get an early promo release of the album to review for you, so sit back and enjoy. The album follows the band’s usual sound which is a bit of a combination of Power Metal and Melodic Metal with a touch of Traditional Metal. I must say that the album as a whole is of a very, very high quality and it is by far the best thing INNERWISH have ever released. During the more Power Metal elements the double kick drum pounding from Terry Moros is as tight as ever and is almost mesmerizing. Riff-wise there is not a whole lot that sounds fresh or unique, but they are still awesome and very melodic.

I fully enjoyed the melodic metal sounds of songs like THE SIGNS OF OUR LIVES and NO TURING BACK, The pounding power metal of LAST BREATH and SAVE US and the more traditional metal sounding tracks like SIRENS and LAWMAKER. There is also a touching piano ballad LIVE FOR MY OWN which was a very nice way to end an album. The vocals in SIRENS and LAWMAKER in particular reminded me a bit of DIO, a trend that also featured a bit more throughout the album but was much more prominent in those two songs.

In a time where melodic power metal albums are being released almost each week, all a band in the genre can do to stand out is make sure everything about the album is of a very high quality, something which INNERWISH have certainly done. So it won’t win any best melodic metal of the year awards, but if you’re a fan of the genre make sure to check them out, there is definitely a handful of songs here worthy of your attention.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  7/10

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