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Sweet Sybil – Sweet Sybil

Released by Eonian Records

Release Date: July 13, 2010

Genre: Rock/Metal

Running Time: 39 :00



Line Up:

Sam Carava – Vocals

Mike Parker – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Randy Matthiesen – Drums, Backing Vocals

Jeff Malas – Bass, Backing Vocals

Brian Unger – Guitar, Backing Vocals


1. Remember When

2. #69

3. Downtown Suicide

4. Walkin’ Talkin’

5. Someone in Your Eyes

6. Jump Back

7. Burning House

8. Alone With You

9. You and I

The metal archive Eonian Records this time brings us the sweet sounds of Sweet Sybil, another Chicago based band that marked their  ground in the local scene during the late 80’s and early 90’s. The band was founded by members guitarist Michael Parker and vocalist Sam Carava and during their brief rise in the industry managed to open up for acts like Extreme, Alice Cooper and King’s x.

I can imagine how cool it has to be for the guys at Eonian to re-touch base with some of these bands that we’re local legends but never made it big, seeying their music resurface once more years later has to be something special. Sweet Sybil has a pretty basic hard rock sound, on track like “#69” which features a nice ska almost punk vibe which gives the song a edgy rocking thrust. The more edgier and face melter track “Downtown Suicide” is a prototypical LA hard rock style tune, with some aggressive guitars and a memorable chorus. The thick bass line in “Walkin’ Talkin'” plows it’s way with a little of grunge thrown in for good measure. One of the few drawbacks is that there is only 9 tracks features on this package. I was left waiting to hear more retrospect material from the band.

Sweet Sybil as so many bands in the hard rock world during the 80’s and 90’s follows the same formula as so many other bands out there did, street metal in your face approach in hope to hit it big. You won’t be surprise here as this package is like anything else that Eonian has released recently, high flying guitars with a straight and arrow approach that defined the genre. Solid but nothing special.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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