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Saints to Sinner – The Unveiling EP

Released: Independent Release

Genre: Metal/Rock



Line Up:

Desiree Villegas: Vocals

Rich Bova: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Vocals

Dave Vogel: Bass

Nick Tolias: Drums, Percussions


1. Fallen Generation

2. Careless

3. Anti-Corporate

4. Vindictive

5. Tampere

6. Careless (Edit)

7. Anti-Corporate (Edit)

8. Vindictive (Edit)

Saints and Sinner hails from up north in Rhode Island and I had not heard much from this outfit until I received their promo material. They are a metal group lead by the female vocals of Desiree Villegas. The band actually has an interesting almost dreamy approach to some of the songs. The sound best described as modern metal with a progressive approach in places.

The first track that stands out is “Careless” which features those progressive elements that we mentioned earlier, almost sounding a bit like Redemption at the beginning of the song.  Although the message in “Anti-Corporate” is just, the distorted sound of the guitars probably could of been better. The female vocals stand out in the track “Vindictive”  but for some reason the rhythm is not your typical straight up metal here, is kinda all over the place and it throws the vocals off track a bit.

I think for Saints to Sinner probably has a bit to work on in terms of style, I know where they want to reach but the fact is that they are struggling a bit with a case of mistaken identity. The vocals of Villegas are nice in some spots, the music doesn’t give her an opportunity to hit bigger notes. In my opinion with a little more work they may be able to create a more concise picture of where they are heading with their music.  Feel free to check out the band on their Myspace and judge for yourself as we await hopefully their full length offering.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  6/10

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