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Dead At The Scene – Sharktopus (E.P)

Released By: Self Released

Genre: Progressive Metalcore

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Barry Thomson

Keith Muddiman

Kris Kournavos

Ryan Stredwick

Sean McDonald



2. Echoes

3. Fireworks

4. Turns Out He’s Luke’s Father

5. Paint The Sky

DEAD AT THE SCENE are new band from Edinburgh that are currently preparing to rock your world in more ways than one. You will notice that above I classed their new E.P SHARKTOPUS as ‘Progressive Metalcore’, but I just want to state that there is much more than just that on this mini cd and using the term METALCORE is more a of a broad borderline than a direct representation of the sound. There is plenty of core-type elements and in places similarities to KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and ALL THAT REMAINS are very evident, but above all of this, the band add elements of Progressive Metal, Modern Metal and a tiny bit of Math Metal, but they top it all off  with some very melodic overtones and enough catchiness to break into multiple markets.

The majority of the vocals on the album are done in the usual modern melo-death style but work to great effect, and when the occasional vocal change up occurs the result is quite enjoyable and always distinguishable to the naked ear. The guitar work is of a very high quality and some of the progressive metal style riffing is out of this world, top this off with some kick-ass lead breaks and you know you’re in good stead. The rhythm section are no slouches either, with some ballistic drumming and mega chugging bass parts that combine for some awesome beatdown sections throughout the album.

For a five track E.P SHARKTOPUS does a great job of showcasing all of the different elements of DEAD AT THE SCENE and most of the music found within is worthy.There is an instrumental track that while still awesome in its delivery, seems to be a bit of a waste of space on a disc that already has only five songs. Of the four proper tracks TURNS OUT HE’S LUKE’S FATHER and PAINT THE SKY seem to be better ones to judge the band on, and both do a good job showcasing the various elements that make up the DEAD AT THE SCENE sound.

I really enjoyed the short time I spent with SHARKTOPUS, and I hope the band don’t take too long with getting a full length album happening as I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 9/10

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