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Life – Cocoon

Released By : Angel Air Music

Genre: AOR

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Robin George

Nick Tart

Chris Cliff

John Young

Bill Rudolph


1. Dangerous Music

2. The Language Of Love

3. The American Way

4. Cocoon

5. Freeride

6. Don’t Come Crying

7. Oxygen

8. What Goes Around Comes Around

9. Good Times

10. Losing You

11. I Believe in You

12. Rush

13. Judy

14. Let It Burn

15. The End Of The Line

LIFE is yet another project in a long, long line of releases that have been centered around master producer/performer/songwriter ROBIN GEORGE. If you are even slightly passionate about hard rock music there’s a very good chance you have heard of Robin, but even if you don’t recognize the name, it’s almost a certainty that his music had crossed your path. Just to give you an idea of how wide his influence goes, as well as a very lucrative solo career, he has worked with bands like MAGNUM, DIAMOND HEAD, MARSHALL LAW, PHIL LYNNOT, ROBERT PLANT and most recently WAYSTED and DAMAGE CONTROL.

COCOON was a collaborative effort between ROBIN GEORGE and vocalist NICK TART, who is better known these days as the new singer for DIAMOND HEAD, that was originally released in a limited run on a small indie label back in 1997, but now in 2010 has been remastered and re-released on Angel Air Music with new artwork, bonus tracks and a booklet filled with new liner notes and rare never before seen pictures.

The remastering itself was done by ROBIN GEORGE, and his usual flair for high quality is evident once again with a great, crisp sound that really brings the album into the modern day.

AS to be expected from anything that is done by Robin George, most of the songs on offer here are great. There was one or two that I didn’t really take to, but overall that still leaves thirteen high quality, well written AOR tracks, which is great value for money. NICK TART’S vocal delivery in this album is very good, and reminds me a lot of an early day John Waite. Most of the songs are written solely by Robin George, but there is three songs on the album that were co-written by George and Tart. DANGEROUS MUSIC, THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE, FREERIDE and GOOD TIMES are all great AOR tracks that are worth the purchase alone, but topped off with a couple of other good songs and a great overall product, COCOON really is an unexpected little gold nugget that I’m glad to have listened to.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 8/10

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