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Wartime – Against Destiny

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Thrash Metal

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Stan Stancheff – Vocals, Guitar

Ivan Ivanov – Vocals

Darin Zhelyaskov – Drums

Antonio Mitov – Bass

Anton Rekarski – Guitar


1. Bequest

2. Preordained Game

3. Atomic Bomb Dome

4. Entrapment Of Time

5. 7 Years (Instrumental)

6. Against Destiny

7.Awakening (1000 Days In Coma)

8. Awareness

9. The Drifter

As some of you may have noticed, one of my favorite things as a reviewer is to find and review new releases from artists that are still unsigned and pushing for selection from record labels. After a while though, doing it this way can get me a bit down when I notice that I have listened to and reviewed a few very ordinary albums, whilst ignoring some of the more major releases that I probably would have enjoyed much more. But, every now and then something comes across my desk that restores my faith in the way I do things and re-energizes my interest in the underground music world. The new album from Bulgarian Progressive Thrash band WARTIME is such an album, and after my time listening to this album I was totally left wondering why the band weren’t signed to a major label. I’m sure that an album like this could easily be released on the Nuclear Blast label, but as we all know, the music industry works in funny ways.

The band labels itself as Progressive Thrash, which I certainly agree with, but there are also more than a few shout outs to the traditional Death Metal sound we all know and love. Songs like PREORDAINED GAME, ENTRAPMENT OF TIME and AGAINSTY DESTINY are all very high quality and sound like a cross between modern day TESTAMENT, DEATH and a non-electronic FEAR FACTORY. The sound really is smack in between the old school of thrash and the new school. The last three tracks of the album are together under the title of BEYOND THE CRUCIAL LINE TRILOGY, and really show off the progressive elements of the band with an enjoyable little story and some great musicianship.

The goodies don’t stop there though… Another surprise I got was how well the physical product is presented. You get the usual cd in a jewel case, but with some great artwork (Provided by the band’s drummer by the way) and a full lyrics booklet. But on top of that, the album also comes in a large cardboard cover that is about the same size as the old double disc cases that were around in the early days of the format. There is also a massive fold out poster of the band that would look good on any thrash fans wall.

I noticed on the bands website that the vocalist features on this album has since moved on to other things and they have currently hired a new singer that is in the process of recording some demos for their upcoming second album, hopefully the new guy is good because he has a lot to live up to.   Get behind this band and make them known because I’m certain that a major label contract is in their future.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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  1. Hear this band on LIVE stage
    and you will love them.
    They make a really cool show. And just worth the time. Pleasant for listening.


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