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Project: Failing Flesh – Count Back From Ten

Released By : Ototrauma Records

Genre : Progressive Thrash Metal

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1. Count Back From Ten

2. White Light Responce

3. Inanimate Objects

4. Lose Lose Situation

5. Irrelivant Thoughts

6. Patient Zero

7. The Potential To…

8. Percussion Fracture

9. Cadence

10. The Void Between Skin & Bone

Sometimes I’m surprised how certain bands can fly under my radar so badly. It’s not that I think I am the most knowledgeable music listener in the world, but when I discover bands such as PROJECT: FAILING FLESH it truly surprises me. For one, they have actually been around for quite a while now, with COUNT BACK FROM TEN actually being their third album. For two, they are a really, really good progressive thrash metal band which is a genre I usually follow pretty closely. And for three, the band features ERIC FORREST on lead vocals. For those that don’t recognize the name, FORREST was the guy who replaced VIOVOD vocalist DENIS BELANGER for two albums in the late nineties. Now, VOIVOD are one of my all-time favorite bands, and while the tow albums FORREST did with them, 1995’s NEGATRON and 1997’s PHOBOS may not have received the critical acclaim of the band’s earlier albums, I was a big fan of them and though ERIC FORREST did a tremendous job in bringing them into the modern age with a bit of a heavier edge to their original sound.

The reason I make mention of this so much is that when I listen to COUNT BACK FROM TEN, it gives me similar feeling I had when listening to those older albums and they actually compare relatively closely. The album is certainly based in the traditional thrash vein, but there is also a modern aggressiveness not usually found on a thrash album, there are also some industrial influences and some electronic parts too. Unlike a lot of releases though, the added electronic parts are not too obtrusive and do add some spark to some of the songs, but not so much that it will turn you off if you don’t like electronic additions.

I’d love to be able to say that the entire album was full of highlights, but there are a few songs that I felt weren’t quite up to scratch, but there is quite a few that are good enough for highlight status. INANIMATE OBJECTS, IRRELEVANT THOUGHTS and PATIENT ZERO all show a band that knows how to make a crazy mess into something completely legible and totally enjoyable, but there’s just no going past THE POTENTIAL TO.. which has all the makings of a world class metal song that should appeal to fans of many different styles.

COUNT BACK FROM TEN may not be for everybody, with it’s combination of modern thrash metal mixed with some electronica moments sure to turn off many, but for those with a bit of an open mind, definitely check this one out.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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