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Inheritance – Pentagrams

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Rock

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1. Into The Vice Of Sound

2. Stairs To Nowhere

3. Temple Of Time

4. Hobby Horse

5. Return Of The Nightmare

6. Through The Night

7. The Voyage

8. Garden Party

Italian band INHERITANCE started their life in the late eighties as a no frills head smashing thrash metal band inspired by what was happening across the ocean in the USA, but too many line-up changes and a shift in the general music landscape forced the demise of the group shortly after forming. In 2004, founding member Ivan Beretta decided it was time to bring the band back from the dead and set out to find a group of musicians that shared his vision. Oddly though, the only thing that remains from that era is the name itself as this album is about a far away from thrash metal as one could get. Yes, PENTAGRAMS is a metal-ish album title, but the music within has much more to do with progressive and art rock mainly inspired by music of this style from the seventies.

I am fine with bands changing up their style and approach, but in reality INHERTANCE name should have been laid to rest back in the day, as this music does nothing to honor the memory of the original band and all of its original members. It may have been different if this was a great album or something, but truth be told it’s just not. No, unfortunately on PENTAGRAMS the band have tried to do too much and most of it has ended up sounding a bit like a jumbled mess. There is still some tiny remnants of the sound of old, with opening track INTO THE VICE OF SOUND having a small bit of a thrash sound to it, but sounds like more like a prog prog band trying to learn how to thrash it out. STAIRS TO NOWHERE also has a bit of a heavy vibe to it, but is a badly played song anyway. Funnily enough, the saving grace of the album is actually the closing track GARDEN PARTY, which if you didn’t notice from the title is a cover version of the popular MARILLION song, complete with FISH soundalike vocals, but honestly, the fact that the original is a whole better than this version does make it a little redundant it my eyes.

I’m not quite sure what the answer is for INHERITANCE, it seems that they are reaching way to high compared to their actual ability musicianship wise and songwriting wise and would probably be better served by dropping the prog rock leanings and trying to just write good thrash metal tunes.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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