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Pestifer – Age Of Disgrace

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Death Metal

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Antoine Paterka – Guitar

Adrien Gustin – Bass

Jerome Bernard – Vocals

Emerson Devresse – Guitar

Phil Gustin – Drums


1. Age Of Disgrace

2. Contagious

3. Sleepless Cetury

4. Forsaken Flesh

5. Tentacles Of Damnation

6. Mind Control

7. Betrayal Of The Light

8. The Worm

9. Carcinogenic Matter

10. Involution Process

11. The Clue, The Lie And The Death

Technical and progressive death metal must surely be one of the hardest styles of music to compose. On one hand you need to be as aggressive as possible otherwise most death metal fans will write you off as wimpy, but then on the other hand you must also know how to include intricate time changes, melodic riffs and the hardest part, fresh ideas. I give kudos to any band that attempts to do this, even more so when the result is as good as AGE OF DISGRACE.

I always have hesitations about comparing other bands to DEATH (the band, not the genre), because if other people don’t hear the comparison, they quite often want to shoot you down, but there is definitely an old-school vibe coming out of this disc, and occasionally the band do sound like DEATH and then at other times I hear some CYNIC and also the rare instances that almost border on grindcore, but only for a few seconds here nd there. While it certainly of a technical/progressive release, I is still quite approachable to the regular listen, with the technical parts never going too far as to sacrifice the song like a lot of bands in this style tend to do often.

Opening track AGE OF DISGRCE, FORSAKEN FLESH and THE WORM are some of the best death metal tunes I have heard so far this year and definitely stick out a little from the rest of the album, even though the rest of it is still well above average too. The songs are drenched some very high quality musicianship, and feature a vocalist that still has a bit of a unique sound rather that just total cookie monster growls.

Obviously, this type of release is not for everyone, and you aren’t a fan of any kind of death metal I will obviously recommend steering well clear of this one, but if you are a bit of a death-head, you can’t loose by at least giving these guys a quick listen, you’ll find they have plenty to offer the metal landscape.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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