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Make Them Suffer – Lord Of Woe E.P

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Deathcore

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Chris Arias Real – Bass

Sean Harmanis – Vocals

Tim Madden – Drums

Heather Menaglio – Keyboard

Cody Brooks – Guitar


1. Summoning Storms

2. Lord Of Woe

3. The Eternal Cold

4. Affliction Of The Dead

5. Weeping Wastelands

MAKE THEM SUFFER is a name I’m pretty certain most of you are yet to hear. They are a recently formed deathcore band hailing from Perth in Western Australia and this is only their second release, following a sefl-funded four track demo last year.

All you need to know though, is that this band has everything they need to take the world by storm, and as long as the current trend for all things ‘core continues, they have a very bright future ahead. It’s not they do anything particularly different from a lot of band that play still style of music, and while listening to the E.P I definitely hear similarities to WHITECHAPEL, BLACK DAHLIAH MURDER and even BRING ME THE HORIZON before they began somewhat softening their approach a little bit for commercial appeal. But what makes MAKE THEM SUFFER so tempting and fulfilling is the pure dedication to their craft and you can almost feel the passion bleeding out of the disc. There is also a little bit of an edge with some symphonic black metal influences that do add some freshness to a sound that is quickly becoming dated, and if a band can add some different elements and keep the style moving forward, surely they are deserved of some wide recognition.

While I did enjoy each track on the E.P, it was opening number SUMMONING STORMS that really had me excited. While the deathcore base runs strongly through the song, the black metal blastbeats, and the combination of death metal growls and black metal squeals is an interesting combination that is hard to describe but just simply works.

Deathcore fans can class this E.P as an almost essential purchase, and metal fans that usually pass on the genre would do well to at least check them out as they do add a new element to what you would usually expect.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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