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Notorious – Radio Silence

Released By : Angel Air Records

Genre : AOR, Melodic Rock

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1. Radio Silence

2. The S’walk

3. Arianne

4. You Need More

5. Better The Devil You Know

6. Do Like A Man

7. Losing You

8. It’s Energy

9. The Game’s Up

10. Eyes Of The World

11. I Believe In You

12. Touch

13. Soul On Fire

14. Love Fades

15. Good Times

Over the last year and a bit I have come to realize that U.K re-issue specialist label ANGEL AIR RECORDS seem to have a bit of a love affair with ROBIN GEORGE. I have enjoyed many releases this year alone that he has contributed to in one way or another, for example his work with DAVID BYRON BAND, LIFE, DAMAGE CONTROL, MARSHALL LAW, plenty of his solo material and now the latest in a long line of related releases, the album he recorded under the NOTORIOUS moniker with SEAN HARRIS from DIAMOND HEAD. Of all the re-issues and rare stuff released this year connected to Robin, this latest one is definitely one of my favorites.

As I have stated before, I am a big fan of George’s songwriting and his guitar playing, but am a little ho-hum as far as his vocals are usually concerned, so it is good news for me at least, that this particular project features Sean Harris on vocals. His voice on this album sounds a lot like John Waite in places which in effect makes the album almost sound like something that could have been recorded by BAD ENGLISH circa 1990 or so, but the difference is in George’s guitar playing which adds a slight element of funk and an abundance of twang that you wouldn’t usually expect to hear in a more traditional AOR setting. The album was originally recorded in 1985 and saw a release on the Geffen label in 1990 as a self-titled disc, but this current re-issue from Angel Air features all of the tracks recorded for the project and even though they vary in quality, the album is a bit of a treat for true Robin George fans, especially those like myself who prefer when he isn’t directly behind a vocal microphone. The original album only saw the release of a lone single in THE S’WALK, which actually did quite well in the MTV era and really helped to skyrocket what would be a long and winding career for Robin George.

If you have enjoyed any of the other Robin George related releases from Angel Air Records over the last year or two it sort of goes without saying that RADIO SILENCE is an automatic buy and well worth the money. I can only hope that Angel Air keep finding archived music from this guy and if they could find some more stuff featuring Sean Harris and is very satisfying AOR voice that would be great too.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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