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Turbid North – Orogeny

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Stoner, Death Metal

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Brian McCoy – Vocals

Nick Forkel – Guitar, Vocals

Alex Rydlinski – Guitar

Chris O’Toole – Bass

Adam North – Drums


1. Wolves

2. Rift

3. Bereavement

4. The Hunter

5. Stormblast

6. Between The Glacier And The Sea

7. Kodiak (Part I)

8. Kodiak (Part II)

9. Orogeny

10. Floating The Ionsphere

There’s nothing I love more than a band with a good back story, and while listening to the new album from TURBID NORTH, I thoroughly enjoyed reading up all I could about the band. See, they began their career in the homeland of Alaska, a place that is certainly not known for its metal output in the past. While playing there, they were discovered by the members of the band DROWNING POOL who, realizing they had something special, suggested that they head into a more musically inclined climate which therein they could further their limited possibilities. This suggestion saw the band leaving home and heading for their new base of operations in Texas. Sure, I could think of better places for a metal band to try their luck, but it certainly has seemed to start paying off.

OROGENY is the bands debut album following a five track E.P released a couple of years ago, and one thing is for certain, this album deserves your attention. OROGENY is based in a sludgy, stoner type groove but is definitely a death metal album of the highest order. Hints of many genres appear occasionally, but it’s the death metal element that comes through the strongest. The way that the vocals can alternate from Southern groove metal, to old-school death metal, to a bit of black metal and many things in between is probably the bands greatest asset, but some amazingly powerful double kick drum work, some thick bass lines and some great guitar riffs from the sludge songbook all contribute to what I can only describe as a mighty sound that should be at least sampled by anyone calling themselves a metal head.

While there are many great songs on the album, THE HUNTER stood out to me as something special and is like a mix of NY hardcore and death metal but certainly not deathcore like you would think. The song still uses the beatdowns to break it up, but in a rare instance they actually sound quite fresh here. Also some of the vocals on the song reminded me of Phil Anslemo, but not from his PANTERA days, more like what he sounded like with SUPERJOINT RITUAL or even DOWN to a lesser extent. As I said, there are a few other real great songs, but I think this album is better listened to as a whole piece of work rather than dissecting parts out of it.

Somehow, TURBID NORTH have taken elements from a lot of different cliched metal genres, and not only been able to make them sound fresh but also make the album sound unlike anything else that is out there at the moment. Do yourself a favor and check this one out, I’ve got a feeling that TURBID NORTH are on the fast track to big success and should be enjoyed by anyone into the more extreme side of music.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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