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Hunter City Madness – See You In Hell

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Metalcore, Groove Metal, Southern Rock

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Jordan Gow – Vocals, Guitar

Justin Gow – Vocals

Mike Jelkovic – Drums

Sean Strasbourg – Bass


1. See You In Hell

2. Pleatherface

3. Snake ‘Em

4. Bad Venom

5. Booze Hounds

6. Spreading Panic (Like Legs)

7. The Old Habits Of Young Lovers

Some days are better than others when you are a music reviewer that takes on as much stuff from unsigned and unknown bands like I do. Today was certainly one of the better days.  See, I had to leave the house for a while and on the way decided to check the mailbox. Yup, as usual a CD greeted me so I thought I’d take it with me and have a listen in the car trip. I had a really quick glance of the bio sheet first and noticed that the band classes themselves as a metalcore band with some rock influences. I for one don’t mind metalcore when it’s done well so I put in the disc expecting to hear the usual generic core sound.

While listening to the opening tune SEE YOU IN HELL I was a bit confused as it sounded like sort of modern southern rock but beefed up a bit. Then, once the second track PLEATHERFACE got going I was instantly awashed with something a little bit special and hella awesome. Yes, the metalcore element is there, but it’s only a small piece of what the bands sound really is and the tune sounded like a modern day PANTERA in the riffing and vocal department but could also be looked at as modern groove metal too. Most of the rest of the disc follows in this trend and shows that HUNTER CITY MADNESS have really carved out their own unique sound that kicks a whole lot of ass and should appeal to many different corners of the metal landscape. The band come from OTTAWA, but it would be easy to believe that they came from Texas as this whole disc is a whiskey drenched, southern metal groove fest that just happens to draw some relatively minor influences from the metalcore and deathcore scenes without it being too much to turn off people that don’t listen to music from these genres.

Anyways, after my car trip I brought the disc straight inside and put it on the hi-fi system, where it stayed on repeat for the next handful of hours. To say I was surprised would be an understatement, and it is with that fact in mind that I am happy to recommend this disc to anybody that likes modern metal in any of its forms, and also to fans of PANTERA. The comparison isn’t huge, but it’s enough to be reminded of the time when Dimebag and Phil ruled the land of metal.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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One thought on “Hunter City Madness – See You In Hell

  1. I am a show promoter in their area and i can tell you that HCM is the real deal, believe it!
    Yesterday’s ‘groove metal’ with a twisted edge!
    Their live show rages!


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