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Lacerta – Mind Processor

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Death Metal

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Patrick Neumayer – Drums

Robert Scott – Vocals, Guitar

Anthony Gilbert – Guitar

Toman Bradley – Bass


1. Fought Possession

2. Creatures Of Intelligence And Despair

3. Necronomy

4. Mind Processor

5. Global Observation

6. Slaughter Plan

7. Projection Of Pain

8. Overseer Of Decay

Today I had the chance to spend some time with released by an Aussie band that has only been together for five years. From the song titles and the artwork I was expecting some typical death metal but I was actually in for a little bit of a surprise. See, LACERTA are definitely fall under the death metal banner, complete with non-stop growly vocals and lyrics of death and gore, but what stood out to me was that musically they have a lot more going on than most bands in the genre and actually have some fairly complex riffs and interesting song structures.

Take for example the opening track FOUGHT POSSESSION that is a mid paced death metal tune, but some of the riffs would interchange perfectly into a thrash metal tune, or even CREATURES OF INTELLIGENCE AND DESPAIR which is a much slower tune that still manages to make your skin crawl. The variations are quite interesting and to add something to talk about, but still for me, this is a band that sounds best when just going at it hard like the MORBID ANGEL influenced title track MIND PROCESSOR.

The album as a whole is definitely a worthy entry into anybody’s death metal CD library, however I do feel that even though the band has put a lot of effort into sounding unique and having somewhat interesting songs, that the main appeal is going to be just how good they sound when being a pure old-school straight to the point death metal act in the vein of MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE and even a little bit of BOLT THROWER.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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