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Nekrofeist – Nekrofeist E.P

Released By : Gadigal Music

Genre : Groove Metal

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Dave Tinelt – Vocals

Damon Bishop – Guitar

Paul Gilroy – Drums

Rob Giles – Bass


1. Dominiputris

2. Choke

3. Destroyed

4. Government Ruins

5. Dominiputris (Radio Edit)

6. Government Ruins (Radio Edit)

Recently I was sent a copy of the debut E.P from Aussie groove metallers NEKROFEIST and the guys in the band were pretty excited about the songs and feel like they are on to something. The time I have spent with E.P has resulted in me agreeing with them to a degree, but possibly not entirely.  The groove metal formula the band use as a base is something that is much rarer these days than it should be, and PANTERA style riffs mixed with the song structures and aggression of someone like a MACHINE HEAD works quite well.

DAVE TINELT does quite a good job in the vocal department on the E.P, but I think his clean vocals are probably not quite as strong as the rest of his alternating voice styles and I think the cleaner parts could have probably been omitted or even maybe layered with a few more effects to tiny it all up a bit. While no-one would accuse the groove metal genre of having original riffing in the guitar department, on this disc the usual formula is combined with some very interesting thrash metal riffing so when the simpler groove inspired sections come along they are never typical or boring.

Out of the four tracks (six if you include the two radio edits) GOVERNMENT RUINS seems to be the bands best chance at major appeal and I can see a big crowd moshing along to this song at an outdoor summer festival for sure. CHOKE is probably the weakest track, but even still I enjoyed it and can appreciate how well it was written.

I have been in contact with the band a few times recently and they have told me that they are currently in the studio preparing for the release of what will be their debut album. I for one am keenly anticipating this release as I really think the guys got pretty close on this E.P but still need some finessing which hopefully should shine through on the next bunch of songs. Also on a side note, it’s great to hear Aussie bands doing this sort of stuff at the moment because the local scene has suffered a real unwanted saturation of metalcore and emocore over the last few years and it will take bands like NEKROFEIST to come along and blow the minds of the younger generation to help steer them of the path of all things core. Not that I don’t really enjoy some metalcore bands, it’s just a fact that there are way too many of them nowadays.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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