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Suburban Syndrome – Purity And The Paper Bill

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Groove Metal

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1. Dawn

2. Impressionable Future People

3. The Rifle

4. Thin The Herd

5. Epidemic Of Dishonesty

6. Evil Night

7. Avenue March

8. Sell Fear

9. Choking On The Rope

10. Down, Burn, Suffocate and Die

Before I really get too far into this review, there is something I need to mention. The band have released it as a download and is completely free, so if anything in the review piques your interest be sure to go and get yourself a copy. Obviously it wouldn’t matter how cheap it was if it was shit, but PURITY AND THE PAPER BILL is actually a very good album and sounds like a mix between MACHINE HEAD, SEPULTURA and SEVENDUST, which happen to be three of my all-time favorite metal bands.

One of the most important elements on a release in the groove metal sector these days is the vocals, too many otherwise decent bands have fallen by the wayside due to persisting with sub-par singers. The vocals on this album are definitely good, maybe not great, not just yet. But when you consider that these guys are only a few years out of high school obviously the voice has plenty more maturation to go through yet which certainly means there is potential to sound awesome. At the moment the vocals lie somewhere in between MACHINE HEAD’S Rob Flynn and SEVENDUST’S Lajon Witherspoon with the occasional death growl thrown in, but you canreally hear the youth of the voice, which as I said is something that will only improve over time.

IMPRESSIONABLE FUTURE PEOPLE, THIN THE HERD, EVIL NIGHT and SELL FEAR are all really,really tunes that do a good job making thinks interesting while still staying in the confines of the groove metal genre.Taking into consideration that this album is totally free, and that the band are still quite young I’d have to say I was left quite impressed. Nothing here yet that is a threat to the big boys of the industry, but as a staring point PURITY AND THE PAPER BILL will do nicely and is worth the time it takes it download and burn on to a CD.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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