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The Genuine Fakes – The Striped Album

Released By : Pristine Music

Genre : Power Pop

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01.  The Genuine Fakes

02.  The Promise

03.  Something New

04.  When Reality Hits You

05.  Star

06.  If You Then I

07.  I Don’t Want It

08.  Irreplaceable

09.  Mindset

10.  C’mon Linda

11.  Whatever Comes Your Way

I do a lot of reviews these days, mostly about metal albums and some of the higher profile AOR and Melodic Rock albums, but I do have a very wide taste in music and every now and again it’s nice to get a chance to review something a bit out of the usual. The latest thing I have been listening to that fits in this category is the new album from power pop sensations THE GENUINE FAKES. Now let it be known, after spending some time with this album I love everything about this band. I think their band name is great, I think the concept of the album artwork is funny as hell and most importantly I’m right into their brand of happy, non-offensive power pop music.

The jangly twang of the guitar is a refreshing change for my ears, and I found myself on many occasions tapping my feet furiously. The vocals are smooth and enjoyable and the backing vocals are quite brilliant and really add a wall of melody to these songs and after trying for a while I think I have worked out a way to describe their sound a little bit… To me they sound like a cross between CHEAP TRICK and WEEZER, which means while they are power pop in their mindset, there is also an element of alternative music and a slight hint of indie rock which does give them a unique sound. It also means that the poppy and melodic parts are as smooth as silk, but the album still gets up and rocks occasionally too.

I loved the opening track, which is named after the band THE GENUINE FAKES, which is a really fun tune about letting everybody know there’s a new band in town (about themselves of course). I also enjoyed WHEN REALITY HITS YOU which reminded me of one of my favorite Aussie indie bands THIRSTY MERC. Another track that deserves a special mention is IRREPLACEABLE. Yes folks, this is a cover of the Beyoncé tune and really is fun to listen to, and fun to play for top 40 radio fans and watching them scratch their heads trying to work out why they know the words to a song they have never heard.

If you don’t like catchy innocent radio power pop music obviously THE GENUINE FAKES aren’t for you and you’re better off skipping it all together, but if you are a little more open minded like myself, check it out for sure as it’s a very enjoyable listen from cover to cover.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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