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Vivid Remorse – The Seed Of Malaise

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Thrash Metal, Groove Metal

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01.  May (If You Can’t Find A Friend)

02.  World Of Plasticine

03.  Sammy

04.  Lizzy’s Rain

05.  Inside

06.  Mental Disorder

07.  Mind Killers

08.  The Bed You Lie In

09.  Myself And Nothing Else

10.  Slave Of Freedom

11.  That Moment Is Now

12.  (The Culture Of) Malaise

13.  Ocean’s

I’m a bit cranky with this album to be honest with you. See, usually it takes me no more than four or five full listens to nail my thoughts about an album and begin putting them down on paper, but with this new debut album from Vivid Remorse after five listens I still had nothing. In the end it took me around ten full listens to really grasp what I had heard and at the moment while there are so many releases to check out ten listens is a few too many.

On a positive note though, when it finally sunk in I was totally sold on the band’s sound and their musical ideals. On the album you will find a mixture of old-school thrash metal, modern day thrash metal, groove metal and a few tiny little hints of some other stuff, but unlike a lot of bands that attempt this, VIVID REMORSE somehow make it work. The sound comes out sounding something like a mixture of SLAYER, SEPULTURA, AVENGED SEVENFOLD and TRIVIUM. Not the metalcore elements of TRIVIUM, but the thrashier elements that made up their THE CRUSADE album.

Fast and furious is the main order of the day across the whole album and each song is short, sharp, fast and straight to  the point, giving the album a slight hardcore crossover feel in places. On the odd occasion that the album slows down a little though a few cracks appear in the make up. For example the track LIZZY’S rain, which is a slower tune has some not very good vocals, something that doesn’t happen really anywhere else on the album. In fact it’s the only song that has an overbearing accent in it. While it’s always good to see bands trying to put emotion and effort into their music, sometimes it just doesn’t work. This album, and the band as a matter of fact work better as a head-banging mosh-pit owning thrash machine and should leave the soft stuff to somebody else.

Not taking into account the one bad track here, the rest of the album is pretty good thrash metal that has a unique style and sound and should please fans of both the old-school and the more modern iteration of thrash metal.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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