Blowsight – Dystopia Lane

The quick thumping pace of "Blue Hair" adds a rising flair in it's speedy metal riffs sustaining a life style message in it's lyrics. The ballad of "Days Of...

Released by: Sony Music/Fastball

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Metal/Alternative/Pop


Line Up:

Nick Red – Vocals / Guitar

Seb – Guitar / Vocals

Fabz – Drums / Vocals

Mini – Bass / Vocals


01. I Wish You 666

02. Three Words (Under Ordinary)

03. Invisible Ink

04. Wake Up Dead

05. Things Will Never Change

06. Miracle

07. Bandit For Life

08. Blue Hair

09. Days of Rain

10. Based On a True Story

11. Standby Button

12. Compassion For a Dream

13. Poker Face

14. Dystopia

This is something refreshing……Yeah I am talking about the band called Blowsight. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden these dudes play an uncommon mixture of metal/pop, and punk all mixed into one bit hells cooker of mainstream metal. If you recall a while back we featured their video for “Days Of Rain” on our featured video section. We got a promo copy of their sophomore album release titled “Dystopia Lane”. These guys clinch the “emo” mold in terms of style, glimpses of Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance come to mind when I first heard their music. The good thing is that Blowsight have their own style which eventually holds the glue together and gives the listener more then meets the eye.

To give you a little more sense of the type of music we are witnessing here, you’ll have to consider a mix of newer modern metal with pop and punk elements. That is the best way I can put it, in the opening song “I Wish You 666” you have a basic hard rock riff holding the structure  of the song together. The more straight up Punk tune “Wake Up Dead” sounds like any track you would hear back here in the states, many like a bit of A New Found Glory style per say, but with a lot better musicianship. The voice of lead singer Nick Red on the song “Things Will Never Change” eerily reflect Chad Kroger of Nickelback, heck even on the groove rhythm guitar section sounds similar, but the best part of the track comes via the slow piano keys which energize the song completely.

The quick thumping pace of “Blue Hair” adds a rising flair in it’s speedy metal riffs sustaining a life style message in it’s lyrics. The ballad of “Days Of Rain” just begs for your attention, yes even with it’s pop atmospheric likings, the music is nice and the writing is triumphant one of the best songs on the record. Ohh yeah there is a cover tune here of the Lady Gaga song “Poker Face” which I didn’t really care much for, even though the remake itself is not that bad.

Is not easy for me to focus on bands these days, the more music I listen to the more impatient I get trying to find the “next big” thing in the genres we cover, but in the case of Blowsight they managed to peak my interest for the most part. The album from top to bottom offers the same formula of metal and punk with very solid musicianship and some charismatic lead vocals. The group has all they  need to hit some mainstream markets with this particular sound and since the record was release last year, they have drawn some attention to themselves. I liked it not usually the type of style I go head over heels for, but in this case I have to make an exception, is both catchy and accessible on all sides.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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