Marillion – Live From Cadogan Hall DVD Review

I admire the way Hogarth explains the meanings behind some of the songs and why they we're written, it adds a nice prelude to when the band's actually starts...

Released by: Eagle Rock Ent

Release Date: March 29th, 2011

Genre: Neo Progressive Rock


Line Up:

Steve Hogarth – vocals and lyrics, additional keyboards, guitars, percussion

Steve Rothery – electric and acoustic guitars

Pete Trewavas – bass guitars, backing vocals, additional guitars, samples and effects

Mark Kelly – keyboards, samples and effects, backing vocals, programming

Ian Mosley – drums, percussion


Disc 1:

1.) Go!

2.) Interior Lulu

3.) Out Of This World

4.) Wrapped Up In Time

5.) The Space

6.) Hard As Love

7.) Quartz

8.) If My Heart Were A Ball

9.) It’s Not Your Fault

10.) Memory of Water

11.) This Is The 21st Century

Disc 2:

1.) No One Can

2.) Beautiful

3.) This Train Is My Life

4.) You’re Gone

5.) 80 Days

6.) Gazpacho

7.) The Answering Machine

8.) Estonia

9.) Easter

10.) Three Minute Boy

In retrospect when I look at a band especially a band like Marillion that has been in existence since the early 80’s have been building an empire of hits and solidarity amongst the progressive rock fanatics with their evolution of from early progressive Genesis clones to the what they have eventually become now. Marillion is really much of an acquired taste as there is in any type of music, is hard to describe the progression unless you take the time to listen to each record. I don’t claim to be the biggest fan of theirs but I do try my best to understand the musical directions bands like these take and the path they took to get there. Regardless of your taste we can all agree on one thing, they play music into an up most eclectic and beautifully unbound trepidation that educes your mind and senses, and with this live concert release the band takes on yet another undertaking of reworking most of their concert hits and re worked them and broke them down and performed them from the last show of the  “Less Is More” Tour,  while using some unique acoustic instruments.

Ever since Steve Hogarth took over the band their musical direction when original singer Fish decided to pursue a solo career, the bands direction changed and even today you will find stills that resonates from the early Marillion days, but the band has grown so much and transcended into their own unique parallel universe of musical bliss. As the band took control of their releases, they created more freedom by releasing their material through their own label and building a loyal fan base which today is considered amongst the strongest in the world. The have a very close niche with their fans to say the least.  It seems like the band has gotten a habit of releasing live DVD concerts because in this new one titled “Live From Cadogan” the famous London venue becomes now the band’s 4th such live package in the last 5 years.

As Hogarth explains the record takes shape following the “Less Is More” tour and has the band improvising on some interesting instruments which in part give way to a totally new listening experience as we take a trip into the band’s most treasured catalog and breathe new life and meaning into each song. Original member Steve Rothery of course is still with the band and if there is one reason to check out any Marillion release would be for Rothery alone, a timeless guitar player. But really the established line up of Hogarth, Rothery, Pete Trewavas, Mark Kelly and Ian Mosley are all back together again and take part in this amazing live performance.

The package is very well produced and for the audio and video buffs out there the disc is featured and filmed in HD by 9 cameras while the soundtrack was mixed in 5.1 DTS surround mix by Marillion producer Michael Hunter. It’s out on a 2-disc DVD and also as a high definition Blu-Ray Disc (the first ever for Marillion).

The venue is perfect for this unique setting as the band’s hit their last show of the tour and once the group gets going they dig into such classics like “Out Of This World” and even the weird jazzy vibe of “Interior Lulu” gets a first playing in this new broken down acoustic format. The haunting rhythms the band has been able to create over the years always had a memorable impact on me personally when I heard them, and in this stripped down variety you experience the songs in the way the band meant them to be. On such classics like “The Space” from the band’s 1989 record “Season’s End” you get this amiable ambiance when you listen to it.

The second DVD continues with more of the band’s staples like “You’re Gone” when the normally tamed crowd erupts with jeers of auscultation. “Beautiful” adds even more solidity to an already mesmerizing performance from these neo progressive veterans. I faintly remember “This Train Is My Life” being so slow and depressing tune when I first heard for the first time, I even found a liking to it in this particular performance. Another stand out is “The Answering Machine” with a profound attraction to detail.

I admire the way Hogarth explains the meanings behind some of the songs and why they we’re written, it adds a nice prelude to when the band’s actually starts playing them in this constitute. It takes a mature band and experience one at that to ease their way through some of their long list of catalog material and add new meaning to each song when presented in this abstract format. But that is why Marillion are who they are and why they are pioneers of the genre.

I can’t imagine many other DVD releases beating out this one in terms of performance as the band’s sound as good as ever and elevate each song into a precarious humble galaxy of glorious sustainability. If you have never heard the band I would suggest reaching back into their back catalog as is an extensive one, but if you are a fan of theirs then you MUST get this impressionable performance as it will leave a lasting impact long after you hear it. Essential!!!!

You’re gone. As suddenly as you came to me

Like nightfall followed dawn without a day between

You’re gone and suddenly I can’t see”……. excerpt from “You’re Gone” from Marbles by Marillion.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   10/10

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