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My Darkest Days – My Darkest Days

Released by: The Island Defjam Music

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock


Line Up:

Matt Walst – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Brendan McMilan – Bass/Backing Vocals

Doug Oliver – Drums/Backing Vocals

Sal COZ Costa – Guitar/Backing Vocals


01. Move Your Body

02. Porn Star Dancing (Feat. Zakk Wylde)

03. Every Lie

04. Like Nobody Else

05. The World Belongs To Me

06. Save Me

07. Set It On Fire

08. Come Undone

09. Can’t Forget You

10. Goodbye

11. Porn Star Dancing (Feat. Ludacris) (Bonus)

12. Without You (Bonus)

13. Still Worth Fighting For (Bonus)

Signed to the well-known DEF JAM, which is part of MERCURY RECORDS and distributed through UNIVERSAL MUSIC and the band’s first CD features guest appearances by ZAKK WYLDE and ORIANTHI, while it was co-produced by CHAD KROEGER of NICKELBACK fame (who also co-wrote a lot of the tracks), partly mixed by CHRIS-LORD ALGE and mastered by TED JENSEN at the famous Sterling Sound in New York City.

For a start that ain’t too bad I guess, because this is a collection of some really big names helping out this new Canadian band called MY DARKEST DAYS. Basically you can not go wrong at all here, because the first MY DARKEST DAYS CD sounds huge and perhaps should be labeled as one of the finest Modern Rock releases of 2010! The band’s songs are sounding huge production wise, while the melodies are super tight and damn catchy at times.

Although CHAD KROEGER is involved quite heavily here, MY DARKEST DAYS has musically not much to do with NICKELBACK and actually have somehow an own kinda sound. OK, there’s some similarities to THREE DAYS GRACE here and there, a little DISTURBED as well, sometimes HINDER comes to mind and a lot of 30 SECONDS TO MARS references are notable, but the melodic hooks and choruses are actually straight out of the 1980s New Wave ish Poprocksound of bands like PLATINUM BLONDE, DURAN DURAN, GLASS TIGER, 1927, A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, PSEUDO ECHO, ULTRAVOX, etc. etc.

Most of the 10 included tracks are midtempo orientated and feature the typical big downtuned heavy guitar riffs we all know from today’s modern Rock/Metalsound, but this is combined with crystal clear lead vocals and catchy melodic rockish choruses. “Every lie” is the absolute winner here, a superb midtempo Modern Rock tune with one of the best choruses I have heard in 2010! The chorus is so damn catchy and super Melodic (really recalling of the classic 3rd album of PSEUDO ECHO ‘Race’, but then with today’s modern guitar based rock sound added) that I don’t think I am fooling anyone when stating that this could well be the best Modern Rocksong created in 2010! Hoever, all the included tracks are showing that this Canadian band could easily beat NICKELBACK in the Modern Rock scene, because MY DARKEST DAYS is a much better band with a lot more to offer musically speaking than NICKELBACK ever did!

The band really hit it big time on the other side of the Atlantic recently, because their first single “?’Porn Star Dancing” hit the number 1 in the US Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock charts and in their homecountry of Canada the song became the fourth most downloaded rock song in Canada, while worldwide it was the 60th most downloaded video in iTunes history! All together, very impressive start and who I am to deny that this is a high quality band.

Written by Gabor

Ratings Gabor    8/10

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