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805 – Unexpected Company Review

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Blues rock, Classic Rock

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1. A little bit
2. Killing time
3. Devil on a good day
4. Diamonds & Candy
5. Sex on a stick
6. Your god not mine
7. Good Stuff
8. Tom Cat
9. She is
10. Time Bomb
11. Barking Dogs
12. Good Stuff

Like probably most people reading this, I had never heard of 805. Now I must admit that as soon as I saw the pretty ordinary cover artwork for this album I thought to myself that it’s probably one of those half-decent local type bands that sell their CD’s at gigs for five bucks and give copies to their family and that’s about it. But, it only took me around 45 seconds into the opening track to realize that hey, these guys are actually pretty good.

The band play an interesting hybrid of classic rock and a more standard blues rock, which is a mix of say Robin Trower and THE CULT with a layer of raw garage punk rock a-la Iggy Pop. KILLING TIME for example rally has a CULT feel to it, and the band have also shot a pretty fun video for the song too featuring Germany’s most well-known female motorbike stunwoman. Look no further than A LITTLE BIT if you want to hear some of that Robin Trower influence too, but there is also a slight progressive rock feel to it which gives the album yet another angle.

805 certainly have a pretty good structure going on here, and while the album as a whole feels a little raw, they definitely have something worth keeping an eye out for. The guitars on the album are bloody awesome most of the time and the rhythm section is as tight as you could ask for, and for me personally the vocals aren’t always ideal. Frontman Ronnie Paul does actually have a good voice, but it just doesn’t quite suit every single song here, but it’s more of an individual taste thing than anything else.

805 have been going around the traps for years now and something tells me they’ve never been too concerned what other people might say, and good on them too. They are a pretty tight band that are writing some good tunes with an interesting mix of influences. Still a bit of work to be done if the band ever wanted a higher level of success, but plenty here to impress too. One thing I can’t forgive though is the artwork, sorry guys but it really is crappy.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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