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Reckless Love – Animal Attraction Review

Released By : Spinefarm Records

Genre : Glam Rock, Melodic Rock

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01 – Animal Attraction
02 – Speedin’
03 – Born To Break Your Heart
04 – Hot
05 – Fantasy
06 – Dirty Dreams
07 – Dance
08 – Fight
09 – Switchblade Babe
10 – On The Radio
11 – Coconuts
12 – Young N Crazy (UK Only Exclusive Bonus Track)

While most bands in the Glam Rock, Sleaze Rock and Melodic Rock genres these days have survived by adding a slight level of maturity and seriousness to their style, or opted for a slightly harder-edged approach, the self-titled debut album from RECKLESS LOVE stood out from the pack last year by being one of the most unapologetically hair-spray filled, glittery party glam records to be released in a long time. Now, I really, really enjoyed that album and it actually finished in my top ten albums of the year, so this new release ANIMAL ATTRACTION was certainly one of my most anticipated albums of 2011.

So, were the band able to follow up their good work, or have they fallen victim to the awkward sophomore album slump? Well, to be totally honest ANIMAL ATTRACTION is a bit of mixed bag really, but it’s a fair distance behind the debut as far as overall quality goes. There’s still plenty of cheese to be found here, but the band have seemingly tried to add to what was already a good thing by including a more electronic, Dance Rock feel in places and even attempt a couple of more serious sounding tunes which really don’t fit the image of the band.

Let’s look at the high points first then shall we?   Opening track ANIMAL ATTRACTION is simply a great melodic rock tune with the DEF LEPPARD-esque chorus most genre fans go ga-ga over, SPEEDIN’ takes a leaf out of the VAN HALEN songbook and comes across a bit of a more natural progression for RECKLESS LOVE, SWITCHBLADE BABE is excellently sleazy and feels like a walk down the Sunset Strip at three in the morning. The big highlight here though is DIRTY DREAMS, which is the track fans of the first album will surely latch on to the most, it’s not quite up the quality of BEAUTIFUL BOMB, bit it’s on the way.

Now, onto the not-so-good then…. ON THE RADIO takes a possibly good idea and turns it into an odd mess that sounds like a mix between BON JOVI and Indie Rock, COCONUTS is pure drivel, FANTASY is a ballad that just way too far down the cheese path to really be enjoyable, FIGHT is a less-than-stellar attempt by the band to sound tough and heavy, but what really kills it for me is the combo of HOT and DANCE which both sound like poor, poor dance tracks with a bit of rock music in the background. Both of these tracks sound like an attempt to sound modern and relevant but both fall flat on their own ass.

I’m just going to patiently wait for album number three from RECKLESS LOVE now as I’m sure there will be enough negativity about ANIMAL ATTRACTION to make the band see where they went wrong. The album isn’t a total wash, and I guess the entire record would work fine as a party disc, but there’s just too much inconsistency here for it to even be comparable to the band’s awesome debut.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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