Skin The Pig – Article XIX Review

With the band's name initially leading me to believe I was listening to some gory type of extreme metal, I was totally taken by the structure of the...

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal/ Hardcore/Prog/Rock/Thrash


Line Up:

Matt Geary – Guitar

John Hughes – Vocals

Alex Dewitt – Bass

Chris Smith – Vocals

James Montgomerie – Guitar

Stuart ‘SJS’ Smith – Drums


1. Stendhal Syndrome

2. I Rise, You Fall

3. Factory, Factory

4.Room 121

5. Yet Nameless

6. Box 5

7. Redemption

8. In Loving Memory

9. Shadows of  Broken Wings

10. No Mans Land

Hailing originally from Belfast, North Ireland now in Manchester, UK the 6 piece Progressive/Sludge at times Metal outfit Skin The Pig have been a digging into the core of the underground music scene for a while. Looking past 2 EPS  in which many bands could have given and quit the business to begin with, these guys did not and have come forward with their first album titled “Article XI”.

Now the band on it’s 11th year of continuing music simply because they actually enjoy playing together, they may have something here to offer to the world. Is not easy for any band to break through, but persistence pays off sometimes. I’m not the biggest fan of death metal vocals, but in this case the leads are shared with clean and death vocals combined via they’re 2 singers John Hughes and Chris Smith. Yes there are some bands that can make this technique work, perfect example are the Gothenburg melodic death metal bands, you can add Skin The Pig to this ensemble sounding a little more closer to American bands All That Remains but with less metalcore influences thankfully.

Let’s get right into it as you will undoubtedly feel the uniqueness of the very rare opening instrumental track “Stendhal Syndrome”, not my preferred choice to open albums, but in this case is both haunting and melancholy, it works. The sheer power of the guitars take over the mnemonic vibes in “Room 121”, a crunching up tempo riff later cools down as it builds into your subconsciousness in this intriguing tune. Another kick ass brutal riff controls the injected flames of “Yet Nameless”, probably the catchiest of all the tracks here, simply in your face raw power.

There is no secret here as the band tackles many genres and styles from their root core, which to turn may be too much consume, but to this diversified listener is exactly what I am looking when I listen to bands dangle ling multilevel genres into one tight package. To my surprise the sound is not as complex as I would of expected, but as abrasive as the core of the music gets in spots, it tends to come back to it’s moody ways and tapping on those progressive post elements very well. With the band’s name initially leading me to believe I was listening to some gory type of extreme metal, I was totally taken by the structure of the songs and how well they play in they’re respective order. I don’t think that you will be blown away if you simply want to get lost into the bands complexity, because as state earlier, they mesh each genres into a full working clock and it’s very easy to listen to. A good effort and one group which I would have no doubt looking forward to more from, whatever else is said don’t stop because potential has been identified. Promising….

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys 7/10

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