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Vomitron – No NES For The Wicked Review

Released By : Metavania Music

Genre : Video Game Metal

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1.Filtered Blow

2. Contra

3. Blaster Master

4. Kalinka

5. The Legend Of Zelda

6. Ninja Gaiden : Acts 1-3

7. Troika

8. Double Dragon

9. Bradinsky

10. Ninja Gaiden : Acts 4-6

11. The Soviet Mind Game

12. Zelda 2 : The Adventures Of Link

13. Korobeyniki

14. Castlevania

Upon first mention, with a name like VOMITRON you may be forgiven for thinking that this group is into some form of Grindcore/Death Metal, until you realize that the band’s title is actually taken from the name of a popular amusement park ride…..yes, I’m sure we all remember feeling ridiculously sick after riding that prick of a thing! So, band name out of the way let’s have a look at the album title then…NO NES FOR THE WICKED, yup… it’s an album of metalized cover versions of the chiptune classics found in video games of the Nintendo Entertainment System era.

Look, this album isn’t for everyone obviously, and even though the Power Metal/Symphonic Metal/Progressive Metal crossover style is pretty awesome on its own the main appeal of this disc is its nostalgia factor, so if you’re not familiar with the games covered on the record I’d say that you would probably get a pretty limited enjoyment out of it.

There’s been a few great bands in the past that have similar things, with guys like POWERGLOVE, MEGADRIVERS and NESKIMOES coming to mind first, but what sents this release apart is the fact that it’s a one man project. VOMITRON is actually a solo project by FROZEN/ARMORY keyboard maestro Peter Rutcho, I’m not sure how much of the instrumentation is actually organic and how much of it is done digitally but hey, it sounds great so who really gives a crap anyway.

CONTRA, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA and DOUBLE DRAGAON are the tracks that kept me listening the most, but that’s more due to the stupidly high number of hours I invested into those three games back in the day, but I’m sure whichever games covered here you have played the most will be your favourite tracks as each one is meticulously detailed and true to its subject matter. There’s also a couple of interludes here and there on the disc that take small samples from TETRIS games, each of these is a definite flashback to the past. I also really liked the opening track titled FILTERED BLOW, which is basically a recreation of the frustrating times we all had to blow into out NES cartridges a million times to try and get them to work properly….very funny!!

Being a Hardcore Gamer and a fan of Metal, NO NES FOR THE WICKED is a no-brainer for me personally, and I’ve got to say I really, really enjoyed spending some time with something a little different. Other peoples level of enjoyment will surely come down to how much they recall eighties video games, but I’m sure all who listen can at least appreciate the high level of musicianship on offer and the overall dedication involved.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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