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The Magnificent – The Magnificent Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock

Line Up:

Lead and Background Vocals: Michael Eriksen

Lead Guitars, Keyboards and Background Vocals: Torsti Spoof


Drums: Rolf Pilve

Bass: Sami Norbacka

Keyboards: Jukka Karinen

Backing vocals: Antony Parviainen

· Holding On To Your Love

· Cheated By Love

· Memories

· Angel

· Satin & Lace

· Love`s On The Line

· Bullets

· Smoke & Fire

· Tired Of Dreaming

· If It Takes All Night

· Lost

· Harvest Moon
One of the most excellent voices in the genre of progressive metal, is the vocalist from the band Circus Maximus Michael Eriksen. Okay so you already knew that, but what you probably couldn’t have guessed is this new project fronted by Frontiers Records, proving once more that just about any talent out there can come together and release something worth listening to in the genre of Melodic Hard Rock, well with the right people handling the music and writing of course.

To add to this interesting team, you have songwriting contributions also come from Pekka Heino (Brother Firetribe, Leverage), Tomppa Nikulainen (Brother Firetribe), Tuomas Heikkinen (Leverage), Mats Haugen (Circus Maximus), Kimmo Blom (Urban Tale) and others. The sound here is what you expect from bands like Brother Firetribe, strong and powerful rhythm section, with melodies that are typical of Melodic Rock basics. What’s a real treat is listening to someone like Eriksen who has a great vocal range, in this versatile role singing in a style different then his own band.

Is hard to deny anyone the influence of the 80’s rock music, and to these talented musicians that was something very hard to ignore. The core of The Magnificent creeps in it’s solid songwriting an and a very heavy bottom musical backbone on each song, and produce not a single weak moment anywhere.

The sparks fly high right from the tension wire, listen to the perfect rhythm on the tune “Cheated by Love”, great I dare say Eriksen was made to sing in this style, even with his other albums in Circus Maximus his voice always hit a melodic atonement that can’t be denied, and this album proves that point. The ballad “Angel” eases things off a bit, but still carries a nice rhythm that hold your attention. The tongue and cheeks lyrics in “Satin & Lace” has Eriksen wailing with some fortitude on yet another superb driving tune. The hits keep rolling when “Bullets” pounces it’s way with a menacing chorus and AOR driven style, perfect to a Melodic Rockers ears.

I love this collaboration here, is strong, catchy and with that Scandinavian touch that so many bands seem to be able to reach in that region. I would sure expect Michael Eriksen to keep on joining projects like these in the future, until we wait for a new Circus Maximus record. His versatility ranges clear across your screen, and with some great musicians to help along the way which provide an excellent job matching the music with Eriksen’s strong vocal pipes; adding a special note to the guitar contributions here by Torsti Spoof which are excellent as well , I dare to say this release is one of the most complete and melodic records of the year.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   9/10



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