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Shredhead – Human Nature Review

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Thrash Metal

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01.Human Nature 03:21
02.Dead Eyes 03:12
03.Ruffies 05:04
04.Death Row 04:26
05.Becoming The Animal 04:24
06.Blood On Thy Hands 04:42
07.Knife In A Gun Fight 03:37
08.New Order 05:16
09.Rise 05:24
10.Zombies (Intro) 01:38
11.Zombie Attack 02:56

Decent information about SHREDHEAD is pretty thin in the online world, and there wasn’t any bio information or anything with this album when the band sent it across to me, so I’ll just tell you exactly what I know… HUMAN NATURE is the self-released debut album from Israel based traditional thrash metal revivalists SHREDHEAD. Righto then, that’s all I’ve got in the facts department, so now onto the opinion then I guess…

My gut feeling is that these guys are still a bit raw and still have a little bit of work to do in certain departments before any larger success can come their way, but on the other hand though, for a debut album by a recently formed group of young dudes it’s actually pretty impressive. Old-School thrash bands like SLAYER, KREATOR and ACCUSER seem the most logical comparisons, but there is also a slight modern edge occasionally that reminds me of more recent day thrash revivalist bands like BONDED BY BLOOD, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and MUNICIPAL WASTE.

For the most part the riffing here is intense and interesting, with the exception of a couple of more boring bridge sections here and there. The bass and drums work in sync with each other to give the album that classic chugga-chugga thrash feel and the vocals are pretty good too. I do think that the production was a little off though and the vocals are way too high up the mix, which forces some of the more intense musical sections to lose a little bit of lustre. The quality of the cd cover is a bit ordinary too unfortunately. The actual artwork itself is pretty cool, and the band’s logo is fantastic for this type of music, but the actually quality of the physical product is a problem… It sort of looks like it was printed on one of those old dot-matrix printers and looks very cheap.

For a self-released album obviously y done on a tight budget, HUMAN NATURE is more than serviceable. With the lack of quality in the physical product and the ordinary production it’s hard for me to recommend for people to split with their hard-earned cash to get a copy, but what I think the album WILL and SHOULD do is garner some interest from a few record labels, and surely at this early stage of the bands career that is a pretty good thing to look forward to.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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