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Osukaru – Salvation Review

Released by: Dusty Roads Records

Release Date: February 2012

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock



Line Up:

Oz Osukaru: guitars

Emma-Lee Gunnari: bass

Chris Tiann: lead vocals

Carl Dahlberg: keyboards

Ryan Coyle: drums



01 Exit

02 Highway To The Stars

03 Hot Blooded Woman

04 City Lights

05 Till The End Of Time

06 Never Too Late

07 Change Of Heart

08 Tear It Down

09 Promised Land

10 T.M.Y.S. (Elevator Version)


The tag team Swedish/American power team of the band Osukaru has been bunch I have been watching out for a little while. The band is the brainchild of Oz Osukaru the ex Katana guitar player and the joint collaboration with Los Angeles base drummer Ryan Coyle. After some early line up changes the band released it’s first EP in 2010 titled GBG2LA and I was mildly impressed with the capabilities as the guys had a heavy mix of Melodic Hard Rock intertwined with some sleaze influences.

After some search for a new singer when their original vocalist on “Salvation” left the band for personal reasons midway through the recording process, the guys got a call from a possible prospect and that guy ended up being Chris Tiann (Dirty Dixxx) and fortunately for the band; he fits in like glue on their first official studio album. Good thing that Chris has a background in the Sleaze and Metal genres, because this adds a nice layer of power to the band’s Melodic Rock sound.

There’s some really cool songs on this record such as the screaming rock and stop groove of “Hot Blooded Woman” which has Tiann singing in a very charismatic style. The band really excels when they mix their AOR premium crunch with it’s hard rock edge, point and effect the super melodic powerhouse tune “City Lights”, one which features one of the best sound on the whole record. The background chorus in “Change of Heart” moves the song along smoothly and then you add the snappy saxophone solo and I liked it even better. Another fluid AOR tune comes way via “Promise Land” which the band adapts to fit into a wall of melodious delight, great background choruses once more and guitar work.

I’m still not completely sold on the band’s preferred style to play Melodic Rock strictly, I think they have the capability to play more Hard Rock and uptempo songs and when listening to lead singer Tiann, made me lone for this style even more. But such is the case Oz Osakaru is a very good guitar player and his vision of the band plays well into the Swedish/American tag team combo that I mentioned earlier between band mates. There is room for improvement in the writing department however, some of the songs lack the lyrical power punch that I was looking for. Overall is a nice record which displays a band that has created a base where they can build from with its tight melodies and vitalize new energy. I will keep this band in my rear view mirror if I’m a Melodic Hard Rock fan as they have some prospects to become something more in the future.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    7/10


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