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Dynazty – Sultans of Sin Review

Released by: Stormvox Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock



Line Up:

Nils Molin (vox)

Rob Love Magnusson (guitar)

George Egg (drums)

Joel Fox Apelgren (bass)

Mike Lavér (guitar)



01. Come Alive

02. Raise Your Hands

03. Land of Broken Dreams

04. Falling

05. More Than a Man

06. Love Junkie

07. The One to Blame

08. Back Again

09. Bastards of Rock & Roll

10. Sultans of Sin


When it comes to Hard Rock in the 21st century and bands that are just fresh and are considered to be cream of the crop, two of Sweden’s most powerhouse rocking bands are H.E.A.T and Dynazty. As far as I’m concerned these two bands have managed to paved their way into the moderate circle of music lovers, and together they have delivered an infatuation for grandiose choruses, enticing guitars and powerhouse vocals that are confined into one big melting pot of force.

The last album by Dynazty I felt they we’re on the fringe of something big, so I waited and finally got word the boys we’re working on new material, the second in the same year which was due to be titled “Sultans of Sin”. Well is safe to say that this is the album that should catapult the Swedes into popularity frenzy. As if their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in February 2012 with the song “Land Of Broken Dreams” wasn’t enough, the guys have delivered a perfect blueprint on how to kick ass and play Hard Rock like it was meant to be long ago. You know the missing formula, big ass hooks, sick and groovy guitar riffs and sultry lyrics? Yeah these guys have all that and then some.

This is the first time the band got back in the studio and recorded with new guitar player Mike Laver, and the results are overwhelmingly killer. The new album “Sultans of Sin” is an appropriate title for this smashing follow up to their last record “Knock You Down”, and second through the Stormvox Records label which as an intriguing factoid as I can think of is actually owned by Swedish actor Peter Stormare, who knew.

Dynazty holds no punches back, this is a bar brawling top notch album inciter from the very beginning with songs like “Come Alive” featuring a vicious rhythm section. This great up tempo tune is followed by the weekend party time inspired “Raised Your Hands”, I couldn’t reminiscent enough on borrowed inspirations from bands like Kiss and Motley Crue, a blatantly straight up addictive tune with a great chorus and a sick guitar solo. The already sensation version of “Land of Broken Dreams” shows it’s true light with another inspired chorus and blazing torching guitars, the chorus is enormous as lead vocalist Nils Molin brings down the house with it’s range. The more melodic groove of “More then a Man” sounds like modern day Journey with a backbone hard rock groove, sick twisted but it sounds freaking explosive and cool as hell. Teaching a thing or two about how power ballads should be done, “Back Again” pleases the listener with a punishing chorus line once more, and a throwback style guitar solo to soar the song above mere greatness.

If hard in your face melodic crunching groove is your thing, then you have to pay attention to Dynazty and their sound. I won’t even go into comparing their sound because it doesn’t matter and I couldn’t really do much justice to them anyhow. These guys are doing their own thing, the heaviness of the album and sound is delivered with fierce conviction, and the vocal delivery is flawless and presented with impeccable class and strength. The production is pristine and alongside it’s absorbing underlined melodies, in which in the end pertained so much passion into the songs that ends up making all the difference. This is an album only a few bands can even reach in their pinnacle and these guys make it look simple as if they have been playing this style all their lives, and as young as this outfit is; the ceiling is not even close to being reached yet, scary isn’t it? Yes hold on tight, fasten your seat belts and take a ride on the carousel of SINS!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    9/10


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