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Sonic Pulse – Lager Than Life Review

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Thrashy Power Metal

Link :


Lineup :

Dan Hammer – Vocals

Dave Carlino – Guitars

Mick Mayer – Guitars

Lauren K – Bass

Hollywood Joe – Drums



01. Sonic Pulse

02. Queen Of Beers

03. Bong Zombies

04. Eye Of The Beerholder

05. Demoniac Spell

06. Beyond The Back Hole

07. Adventure Time


You’ve got to hand it to the guys from SONIC PULSE, they sure aren’t afraid to do things a little differently that’s for sure. Maybe it’s because the band is made up of members of respected bands like SKULL HAMMER, RAZORMAZE, VINDICATOR and RAVAGE and when they get together under the SONIC PULSE moniker it’s more of a fun project where they can all let their hair down a little and if it doesn’t take off then it’s not that big a deal. Reading the names of the band member’s other projects it’s pretty clear that LAGER THAN LIFE is going to be Thrash Metal based. Well that’s correct to a certain degree, but though there is certainly a speedy, thrashy  sound to the music within, it owes just as much to Power Metal as it does anything else.

And as if the album title LAGER THAN LIFE didn’t give it away, there’s also a strong element of humour in the lyrical content. Song titles like QUEEN OF BEERS, EYE OF THE BEERHOLDER and BONG ZOMBIES should give you a rough idea on what to expect anyway. With this is mind I guess you could say that SONIC PULSE are a sort of cross between the beer-fuelled Thrash Metal of TANKARD and the finger burning speedy Power Metal of DRAGONFORCE. Definitely not music for the hard to impress, humourless metal fan, if you don’t like a bit of fun with your music then move right on along.

The four original tracks on offer here are fun to listen to a couple of times, but the humour does wear thin pretty quickly. Musicians hoping to one day be virtuosos of their respective instruments though should easily use these songs as training tools as musically they are very, very well played. There’s a track titled DEMONIAC SPELL that is a cover of a song released by DEMONIAC, who eventually went on to turn into what is known today as DRAGONFORCE. There’s also a sped-up version of the GAMMA RAY tune BEYOND THE BLACK HOLE, it’s decent enough but really lacks the infallible Kai Hansen vocal that made the original so good. The album closes with a little minute and a half ditty which is a DRAGONFORCE-esque take on the theme song to one of the weirdest animated cartoon series out there called ADVENTURE TIME.

With four originals, two covers and a little ditty, it’s a little thin on content. But for the time it runs for it’s a very fun and enjoyable album. A lot of the time though these albums with funny lyrics can be musically pretty shitty, but SONIC PULSE show that they are up to the task of being able to successfully mix humour and skill.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10


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