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Circle II Circle – Seasons Will Fall Review


Released by Armoury Records

Release Date: January 29th, 2013

Genre: Heavy Melodic Metal



Line Up:

Zak Stevens – Vocals

Mitch Stewart – Bass/Vocals

Bill Hudson – Guitars/Vocals

Christian Wentz – Guitars/Vocals

Henning Wanner – Keyboards/Vocals

Adam Sagan – Drums



01. Diamond Blade

02. Without A Sound

03. Killing Death

04. Epiphany

05. End Of Emotion

06. Dreams That Never Die

07. Seasons Will Fall

08. Never Gonna Stop

09. Isolation

10. Sweet Despair

11. Downshot

12. Only Yesterday


To fans of Circle II Circle and for those anxiously awaiting a reunion between the classic Savatage members of the past, well we may have to wait a while longer. When we spoke to lead vocalist Zak Stevens last year he told us he was ready and all for a reunion, but the powers to be hadn’t decided on anything. If you must know of course the mastermind himself Jon Oliva is much too busy with his own solo band and to this day fans still await a Sava reunion, even Chris Caffery has come out recently and hinted as well that he would be all for a reunion; I guess the future will tell on that one. But on to bigger and more current things and that is the new Circle II Circle record by of course Zak Stevens and company one of the few things we have to that Savatage sound now a days.

I had been a little disappointed with the last two records from CIIC titled “Consequence of Power” and “Delusions of Grandeur”, it felt like some of the inspiration was wearing thin from the band and the sound suffered cause of it. Too many of the songs we’re too similar in structure and it offered nothing different then on previous records. But now I can honestly say they have return to shape in a BIG way with their 6th studio offering in “Seasons Will Fall” and what a fine return to shape it is. I don’t know if it’s the guitar sound but both Bill Hudson and Christian Wentz are terrific as the monster guitars come out in full pledge on the new record. Zak’s sings his ass off and you actually get to feel the vibe of the more theatrics numbers missing from the past few albums. The writing is solid as steel and sonically speaking the band is here featured at it’s best. The writing has a taken a turn for the better and it fits the style of the songs a bit more with drive and more melody.

The guys waste not time as the punch comes through in full pledge onset forward on the terrific epic numbers of “Diamond Blade” and “Without a Sound” both just featuring super strong guitar work and a thunderous momentous chorus by Stevens himself reaching back and bringing back memories of Wake of Magellan days. The album gets a strong shot put start and the hitters keep keep on coming when “Epiphany” rolls around a wonderful shifting up tempo track which features keyboardist Henning Wanner adding some nice keys to this strong creation. The title track carries the record towards the bottom half of the album with that same momentum; still Zak pounds his vocals away with glory and desire to deliver on another outstanding track. Another strong effort comes via the vintage CIIC sound of “Downshot”, great groove and lyrical drive.

We conclude in confirming that Circle II Circle has taken a step forward and reinforced it’s fan that they are not going anywhere anytime soon, despite the hardcore nostalgia of a Savatage reunion; let’s face it we all want it to happen but these guys along  with the other former members have their own careers going and that seems to be still the focus. Is nice to have CIIC back in business showing what they are capable off and having recently joined new label in Armoury Records in conjunction with German based label earMusic have delivered a satisfying effort for new and old fans of the band’s style. Word of a world tour could be coming in the new year so wait news on that and if you get a chance to check these guys out on the road you would not be let down. Delivered and sealed to break things open in the new year with a bang!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10


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